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Units 6 and 7 Test


How big can rodents get? From 2 inches to 4 feet
What are lesser apes called? Gibbons
Are rabbits and squirrels rodents also? No
What do we know about rodents teeth? They never stop growing
What feature is used to classify primates? their nose
Which have larger brains apes or monkeys? Apes
Do primates like to live in groups or alone(solitary)? solitary
What type of lifespan do smaller rodents have? can be as short as 3-6 months depending on the rodent
Why are rodents important? because they are food for many larger animals and they, like many other animals, spread seeds so we can have trees, flowers etc
How did the Black Plague spread in the 1300's? By mice,and the fleas on the mice
What is brachiation? Like the Gibbons when their fingers work like hooks
How many groups are apes divided into and what are they? 2; gibbons and orangutans
How are an aardvark and an anteater similar They are both mammals have the same body shape and length.
What disease do armadillos sometimes carry? leprosy
How can an adult male orangutan be easily recognized? By his cheek flaps
What is the lead male in a gorilla troop called? silverback
What is knuckle-walking? What chimpanzees do when they move from place to place by walking on their feet and knuckles
Why don't chimps make good pets? they are aggressive
What is a drey? a squirrel nest
List some ways rats are harmful to mankind? spread disease, eat crops, can bite you
What is a cavy? a rodent with a chubby body, short legs, large head and short ears
What is one characteristic all rodents have? they gnaw
What are some ways beavers are helpful? help to purify our water,preserve the wetlands
What is a beavers "house" called? a lodge
Why do we have similarities to primates? We were created by the same creator
Which two mammals are poisonous? shrew and solendon
Why are the platypus and echidna difficult to classify as mammals? they both lay eggs instead of giving birth to their young
how is the echidna like a marsupial? because they have a pouch
Which animal in the order edentata really has no teeth? anteater
Why do bush babies, lorises, and lemurs have such big eyes? because they are nocturnal
What does the word "arboreal mean? that the animal spends most of its time in the trees, like the little monkeys in the new world
Why has the tarsier been given its odd name? because of its long ankle bone
which animal has long bony fingers that it uses as a tool to get bugs? aye aye
Name some ways primates are different from people their facial expressions,their teeth,their brains are smaller
Created by: kjproverbs356