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Throck gov ch 5

What is a two house Congress called? bicameral legislature
What are the two houses of Congress? Senate and House of Representatives
How old do you have to be to run for Senate? 30
How many years must you have been a U.S. citizen to become a member of the Senate? 9
How old do you have to be to be a Representative in the House? 25
How many years must one be a citizen of the U.S. to become a member of the House? 7
Who are the floor leaders of the House and Senate? Majority and Minority leaders
Who assists the floor leaders of the House and Senate? whips
How is most work of Congress done? in Committees for efficiency
What are the permanent committess of Congress called? They continue from one session to the next. standing committees
Who controls the permanent committees (standing)of Congress? the majority party
What type of committees specialize in a subcategory of a standing committee? subcommittees
What type of committees are study groups made of both House and Senate members? joint committees
What is the process of setting up new Congressional districts after reapportionment? redistricting
What are constituents? people that the elected official represents
Who presides in the House and is elected by a caucus of the majority party? Speaker of the House
Who is the president of the Senate and when does he/she participate in Senate business? Vice President- to call meetings to order and vote in a tie
What is a vote to stop a filibuster? What is the percentage vote needed? cloture; 60% to stop a filibuster; 40% to allow it to continue
Who has the power to write the rules for Congress? the majority party
Representatives are elected from what? districts
Senators are elected from what? entire state (at large)
What is the abuse of redistricting where the majority party in charged of redrwing lines either "packs or cracks?" gerrymandering (packing and cracking)
Compare the terms of Senate and House. House is 2 yr terms, Senate has 6 year terms
What is the main function of Congress? to make laws
Who controls the flow of legislation, such as what committee bills go to, if it will be considered, in what order, ect? majority party
What is a bill? proposed law/legislation
In the past, how have committee chairmen been chosen? by senority rule: the senior most member of the committee
What is a closed meeting? caucus (used to select the Speaker of the House)
What is a quorum? the number of Congressmen who must be present in order to take official action (such as vote on a law)
What is a session and how long are they? meeting of Congress; 1 year
What determines reapportionment? census, taken every 10 years
How is debate in the House different than that of the Senate? Senate allows unlilmited debate on legislation while the House limits debate to 5 min.
Who presides in the Senate when the Vice President is absent? President Pro Tempore (pro tem)
What did Strom Thurmond do in 1957? used a filibuster to block a civil rights law lasting over 24 hours
Where in the Constituion are the enumerated powers of Congress? Article I, Section 8
In the House, how is a bill introduced? they are dropped into the wooden box (hopper) at the front of the meeting room
What are two jobs of the majority leaders of both Houses? plan the legislative program, steer important bills through their house,
What was decided in Reynolds V. Sims? "one person, one vote" that districts should be equal in population
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