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Amendment Quiz

taylors 7th grade quiz

Amendment 1 RAPPS Guarantees freedom of Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition and Speech
Amendment 2 Guarantees the right to own guns
Amendment 3 Prohibits (bans) soldiers from l living in anyone's home without permission
Amendment 4 Property cannot be searched without permission, probable cause or a warrant
Probable Cause A reasonable belief hat a crime has been committed
Warrant Document issued by a judge giving police the right to search property
Amendment 5 Guarantees "due process of law" prevents "double jeopardy" and gives the right to "plead the 5th"
Due Process of Law Everyone charged with a crime will experience the same legal process
Double Jeopardy Being tried for the same crime twice
Pleading the 5th Declining to testify against yourself
Amendment 6 QWILPI Guarantees a trial is Quick you can have Witnesses testify for you, you're Informed of who's accusing you and of what, you'll have a Lawyer, it'll be Pubic and your jury will be Impartial
Amendment 7 Gives the right to settle disagreements between citizens in a civil court
Civil Trial A trail to settle a disagreement between two people or fight for persons rights
Criminal Trial A trail to determine if a person is guilty of a crime
Amendment 8 Prevents cruel and unusual punishment
Amendment 9 You have many more rights not just listed in the constitution
Amendment 10 Powers not mentioned in the constitution are the responsibility of the state government
Amendment 13 Abolish Slavery
Amendment 14 Give citizenship to freed slaves and anyone else born in America
Amendment 15 Guarantee the right to vote to all races
Amendment 16 Allow the government to levy income tax
Amendment 18 Banned alcohol
Amendment 19 Gave women the right to vote
Amendment 21 Repealed (took back) the 18th Amendment
Amendment 26 Lower the voting age to 18