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Latin unit 4

unit 4 of latin at MTN brook 9th grade latin 1a

Accēdō -cēdō – cessī –cessum- come up to approach
Accipiō cipere –cēpī –ceptus to take, receive, accept, to welcome entertain
Aequus -a –um adj even, level, smooth
Agō agere, ēgī, āctus- to drive, lead, conduct
Arma orum n. Plural- armor defensive arms
Auxilium -lī N. help
Bellum -ī N. War; warfare
Capiō capere cēpī captus to take hold of grasp
Causa ae f. cause grounds, motive reason
Cēdō cēdere, cessī, cessurus to grant, concede, yield, give up
Concordia ae, f. harmony
Debeo ere, debui debitus to owe to be responsible for
Defendo -ere, defendi, defendsus: to defend
Dominus -I m. master
Duco ducere, duxi, ductus to lead, guide, direct, conduct, command
Efficio -ere, effeci, effectus to bring about, bring to pass, effect cause produce
Excedo -ere, excessi, excessurus depart
Exspecto -are, avi, atus await
Facio facere, feci factus, to make
Invenio invenire, inveni, inventus to come upon, find, come across
Latus a, um wide
Locus I M. place, spot
Maturo -are, -avi, -atus hasten
Mitto ere, misi, missus to send
Munio ire, ivi, itus fortify
Narro -are, -avi, atus to tell, relate, narrate
-ne it introduces a question and is put on the first word of the sentence
Nuntius ti m. messenger
Officium -cI n. duty
Oppidum -I n. town
Pono ponere, posui, positus to put
Populus I m. people
Pretium -tI n. price
Publicus –a –um adj public
Pulcher - Chra chrum beautiful
Quid what
Quis who
Rego -ere, rexi, rectus rule guide
Templum -I N. shrine, temple
Terminus -I M. boundary limit
Ubi where, when
Venio ire, veni, venturus- to come
Verus -a, -um true actual genuine real
Vester -tra –trum your yours
Created by: eaglesoars