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Shane Western Terms

Western Terms found in the novel Shane

lean-to slope-roofed structure
flapjacks/flannel cakes pancakes
tussle struggle
millinery hat fashion
frippery gaudy clothes
cultivator soil-breaking implement
tariff price
tinhorn pretentious, ignorent person
hone tool-sharpening stone
whistle stop small town
taproot main root
bole tree trunk
bantering playful teasing
joshing teasing
cowpuncher cowboy
homesteader sttler of U.S land granted as a farm
mule-skinner driver of mules
fodder cattle food
lawing legal buissness
drummmer traveling salesman
dude:dandy man who give a lot of attention to his dress
nester settler
foreman chief-worker
ante gambleing stake
pommel projection at the front of a saddle
curry brush
fidget move nervously
wrangle fight noisily
rowel spur
sicced sent to attack
badgered nagged
spruce neat and trimmed
fiddle footed wandering
rollicking carefree
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