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Antepartum Safety

NUR 124 Antepartum Safety

What does T O R C H stand for? Toxoplasmosis Other: gonorrhea, syphillis, varicella, hep B virus, human parovirus B19, & HIV Rubella Cytomegalovirus Herpes Simplex Virus
What is the cause of Toxoplasmosis? Cats that hunt infected birds and mice harbor the parasite and excrete the infective oocysts in their feces. Raw meat from cattle or sheep that grazed in contaminated fields raw fruits and veggies
Toxoplasmosis is more serious in what trimester of pregnancy? Exposure to the protozoan is more serious in the first trimester than the 3rd Trimester or perinatal transmission.
How and when can toxoplasmosis be detected during pregnancy? Intrauterine detection of the condition may occur as early as 18 weeks (amniotic fluid).
What are the maternal effects of Toxoplasmosis? Swollen Glands Fatigue Muscle Pains
What are the fetal-newborn effects of Toxoplasmosis? Preterm Birth Growth Restriction Microcephaly or Hydrocephaly, Microphthalmos CNS Calcification Thrombocytopenia Jaundice Fever May be asymptomatic at birth
How is an infant with Toxoplasmosis treated? Pyrimethamine and oral Sulfadiazine but folic acid supplement with be required to prevent anemia.
Created by: jennie.moore