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Roma Aeterna XXXVII

Vocabulary for Ørberg's Roma Aeterna

aedēs, -is f. temple, pl. house
alloquī speak to, address speak to, address
āmēns, -entis out of one's mind, mad
amplectī,-xum embrace, cling to
anguis, -is m. snake, serpent
arvum, -ī n. (plowed) field
attingere, -tigisse, -tāctum touch, reach, arive at, adjoin
aura, -ae f. breeze, wind
āvehere carry off, pass. go away
barba, -ae f. beard
benignus, -a, -um kind, benevolent
caelestis, -e celestial, m pl gods
clipeus, -ī m. slope, sloping street
coma, -ae f. hair
commovēre move, excite, cause
comprehendere seize, include
concidere, -disse fall (sown), collapse
conclāmāre shout, cry out
concēdere go (away), yield, give up, concede, allow
cōnferre, -contulisse, collātum bring (together), carry, confer, compare, apply
sē cōnferre betake oneself, go
cōnfugere flee for refuge
conicere throw, put
contingere, -tigisse, -tāctum touch, be close to, (+dat) be granted to, happen
corripere seize, rebuke
sē corripere start up, hurry off
crīnis, -is m. hair
culmen, -inis n. summit, top, peak, roof
cūstōs, -ōdis m. guardian, guard
dēcurrere, -rrisse, -rsum run down
dēfēnsor, -ōris m. defender
dēfīgere fix, thrust, paralyse
dēmittere let fall, drop, lower
discumbere, -cubuisse take one's place at table
diūturnus, -a, -um long, prolonged
dolus, -ī guile, deceit, cunning
dominārī be master, rule
dūdum adv. a little while ago
efferre, extulisse, ēlātum carry/bring out, lift, elate
sē efferre exult
egēre +abl. need
ēlābī slip out, escape
ērigere, -rēxisse, -rēctum lift, erect, cheer
explicāre, -uisse, -itum extricate, unfold, explain
fabricāre forge, build, construct
famulus, -ī m. servant, slave
fās n. indēcl. divine law, right
fās est it is right, it is allowed
fēstus, -a, -um holiday, festival (diēs fēstus)
flagrāre burn
fragor, -ōris m. crash
frōns, -ondis f. foliage, leaves
fulgēre, -sisse flash, gleam
fūnis, -is m. rope
gemere, -uisse, -itum groan (for)
gemitus, ūs m. groaning
haerēre, -sisse, -sum stick, cling
horror, -ōris m. dread, horror
immolāre sacrifice, immolate
incitāre set in motion, stir up
inēluctābilis, -e inescapable, inevitable
īnfīrmus, -a, -um weak
īnsānia, -ae f. madness
īnspicere examine, inspect
īnstaurāre renew
inultus, -a, -um unavenged
inūtilis, -e useless
iūstita, -ae f. justice
iuventūs, -ūtis f. youth, young men
laeva, -a, -um left, f. the left (hand)
lūctus, -ūs m. grief, mourning
lūmen, -inis n. light
māchina, -ae f. machine
micāre flicker, flash
mōlēs, -is f. mass, bulk, effort
nātus, -ī m.son
nātus, -a, -um (
XX annōs nātus 20 years old
nepōs, -ōtis m. grandson
nēquīquam to no effect, in vain
nūmen, -inis n. divine will
obtruncāre slaughter, kill
occultus, -a, -um hidden, secret
onus, -eris n. burden, load
pandere, -disse, passum spread out
pariter equally, together
patefacere open, reveal
patrius, -a, -um of the father, paternal
pavidus, -a, -um terrified
pavor, -ōris m. terror, fright
penetrāre penetrate
penitus adv. from within, deep, far
perfundere wet, drench, imbue, fill
praedīcere declare
prōdigium, ī n. prodigy
prōdūcere bring forth, extend
profugus, -a, -um fleeing, m. fugitive
quā which way, where
quondam once, some day
recūsāre reject, refuse
rēgius, -a, -um royal
rēgnum, -ī n. kingship, kingdom, reign
repetere return, to, repeat, claim back, recall
resonāre resound
respicere look back (at), heed, regard, have regard for
restinguere, -stīnxisse, -stīnctum put out, extinguish
revīsere revisit, visit
rōbur, -oris n. oak, strength, force
ruere, ruisse rush, tumble down
sacrum, -ī n. sacred object, sacrifice
saucius, -a, -um wounded
scelerātus, -a, um accursed, criminal
socius, -i m. companion, partner, ally
somnium, -ī n. dream
sonāre, -uisse sound
speciēs, -ēī f. sight, appearance, shape, semblance, sort, species
stringere, -īnxisse, -ictum draw, unsheathe
suprēmus, -a, -um sup. highest, sovereign
suspectus, -a, -um suspected, suspect
tēlum, ī n. spear, weapon
tendere, tetendisse, tentum/tēnsum stretch, spread, lay, make one's way, insist
tener, -era, -erum tender, delicate
tonāre, -uisse thunder
trabs, -bis f. beam, ship
trucīdāre slaughter
turris, -is (acc. -im, abl. -ī) f. tower
ūber, -eris n. udder
ūber, -eris adi. fertile
ululātus, -ūs m. howling
undique adv. from all sides
vādere advance, go
vāstus, -a, -um desolate, vast, huge
vinc(u)lum, -ī n. bond, chain
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