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Alief 6th Unit 1

Unit 1 Vocabulary for Alief Independent School District 6th Grade Science

Vocabulary WordDefinition
Independent Variable The variable that is changed on purpose
Dependent Variable Variable that changes because of IV. What you measure
Controlled Variable Variables that stay the same in an experiment
Variables Factors that can change in an experiment
Hypothesis A prediction that can be tested
purpose What you are trying to do with an experiment
qualitative observations observations that tell what kind or characteristics
quantitative observations observations that tell how much or how many
inference a prediction based on observations and prior knowledge
triple beam balance tool used to measure mass
mass the amount of matter in an object; measured in grams
volume the amount of space an object takes up; liquid volume measured in milliliters (ml)
microscope tool used to "magnify" small objects
eyepiece part of microscope you look into
objective the tubelike structures that contain lenses
stage place where specimens are placed
stage clips clips to hold slides onto stage
diaphragm dial that allows different amounts of light to enter the apeture
base bottom part of microscope; one hand should be on this when moving!
arm the outside support of the microscope; one hand should hold this while moving!
focus dials on the side of the microscope that are used to move the stage closer to or further away from the objective
aperture place where light enters from the light source
magnification how much an object is enlarged
data information collected or measured during experiments or observations
x-axis horizontal axis (Independent Variable Goes Here)
y-axis Vertical Axis (Dependent Variable Goes Here)
draw conclusions using data to state whether the hypothesis was correct or incorrect
transplant taking a plant from one place and replanting it into another
pollinate when pollen is moved from one part of the flower to the other
tropism plants tendency to grow towards something
phototropism growing towards light
geotropism growing due to gravity
Created by: kellerscubs