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chinese chapter 6-7

ren4shi to meet; to know
gao1xing4 happy
lai2 used before a vrb indicating an intended action
jie4shao4 to introduce
yi2 xiar4 indicates that an action is brief or slight
xue2xi2 to learn;learning
Han4yu3 ( Ying yu) chinese language (english language)
ban1 class
xue2sheng student
zhe4 this
na4 that
ren2 people
jiao4shi4 classroom
da4 big
xin1 new
toong2xue2 classmate
hou4 thick
piao4liang pretty; beaytiful
ji2 le extremely
nu3'er2 daughter
cong1ming smart; clever
ke3'ai4 cute
kan4 to look
shuai4 handsome
xiao3 small; little
shen1ti3 health; body
bi3jiao4 quite; relatively
ma3ma3hu1hu1 so so
nu3li4 hard
fei1chang2 very
tai4 very; too
bu2tai4 not very
li3 in
kong1tiao2 air-condition
tong2wu1 roommate
li2 from9 indicating an interval of space or time)
yuan3 far
jin4 near
xue2xiao4 school
duo1 many: much
ting3 quite
zen3meyang4 what about (asking opinion about something)
bu2cuo4 not bad
tou2fa hair
chang2 long
yan3jing eye
ge4zi height
gao1 tall; high
dian4shi4 TV
Created by: emiliostar
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