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Latin Test Chapter 6

dolus, doli trickery
tenebrae, tenebrarum darkness
iaceo, iacere, iacui to lie down
intro, intrare, intravi to enter
iubeo, iubere,iussi, iussum to order someone to do something
iudico, iudare, iudicavi, iudicatum to judge
possum to be able
soleo to be accustomed
neptune's representation? three pronged trident
let fire go out? beaten or buried alive
spondeo to take promise solemnly
semper paratus us coast guard
de facto in practice
PS post scriptum written afterwards or below
toga praetexta bordered toga that marked boy as a roman citizen
manus hand
bulla round locket that contained an amulet to keep bad spirits away
change subject to ablative
change verb to passive voice
change direct object to subject
add a
de about, concerning
saepe often
doleo to feel pain
nunc now
Created by: bookwormabbi