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Grade 6 Unit C Ch 3

Scott Foresman Science Vocab

Solstice a point in earth's orbit around the sun where daylight is either the longest or the shortest amount possible
Equinox a point in Earth's orbit around the sun where nights and days are the same length
Lunar eclipse a darkening of the moon when it passes through Earth's shadow
Fusion the combining of less massive elements to form more massive elements
Corona a crown of glowing gases around the sun that can be seen during a total solar eclipse
Solar eclipse an alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth where the moon blocks the sun from Earth's view
Sunspot a region on the sun of very strong magnetic field
Solar flare powerful eruption of very hot gases from the sun
Aurora the glow or display of lights in the skies near polar latitudes
Galaxy a system of billions of stars, gases, and dust
Quasar brilliant objects in space that may be the power houses of developing galaxies
Nebula cloud of gas and dust in space
Black Hole an invisible object in space whose mass and gravitational force is so great that not even light can escape
Red shift the changing of light waves from retreating objects to the red end of the spectrum
Created by: DawnSimpson