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WCC Microbiology

WCC Microbiology - Terminology

Terminology- MicrobiologyDefinition
Pathogen disease producing microorganism
Free-living do not need to live on or in another living organism (host)
Commensal lives in or on a host organism w/out causing any harm to host
symbiotic actually benefits the host
parasitic harms the host
flora microorganisms that normally reside in a particular location in the body
virulence strength of an organism to cause a disease
labile unstable
Asymptomatic without signs of disease
Clinical visible, readily observable, pertaining to treatement
subclinical w/out showing signs of disease
Etiology study of disease causes
Lethal causing death
Morbid afflicted with disease
Morbidity ration of diseased animcal to well animals in a population
Mortality ratio of diseased animals to diseased animals that die
Moribund near death
Palliative relief of condition but not cure
Prevalence # of cases of disease in a pop at a certain time
prophylaxis prevention
Epidemiology study of relatiohships determinint freq and distribution of diseases
Diagnosis determination of the cause of disease
Differential diagnosis list of possible disease causes
Prognosis prediction of the outcome of a disease
Sign characteristic of disease that can be obs by others
syndrome set of signs that occur together
acute short course with sudden onset
Peracute excessively accute onset
Chronic long course with a progressive onset
remission partial or complete disappearance of disease signes
endemic ongoing presence of disease w/in group; AKA enzootic if within an animal
Epdemic sudden and widespread outbreak of disease w/in a group AKA epizootic
Pandemic occuring over a large geographic area
Disease deviation from normal
Infectious disease disorder caused by pathogenic organisms
Contagious disease that can be spread; AKA communicable
Iotrogenic disease disoder caused by medical treatment
Nosocomial infection disorder caused by medical treatment
Idiopathic disease disorder of unknow cause
Asepsis freedom from infection
Aspectic technique all step takin to protect surgery sites from contamination
Antiseptic a chemical agent used on living tissue to kill or prevent growth of microorganisms
Bactericidal kills bacteria
Bacteriostatic inhibits the growth of bacteria
Cleansing removal of organic matter and debris
detergent chemical cleansing substanct
fungicidal kill funal organisms
sanitation reductionn in the # of microogranisms to a level that is considered safe
Sporicidal kills fungal and bacterial spores
Sterilization complete destruction of all microorganisms including spores and virusus
Viricidal kills viruses
True sterility difficult to acheive
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