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Wild mushrooms in Arkansas

Do you know the name of the mushroom that contains the name of our state? Amanita arkansana -described in 1926 by H.R Rosen, who was the mycologist at the U of A at that time.
Do you know the scientific name for the “Fly Agaric”? Amanita muscaria . It is called the “Fly Agaric” because it has been reported as functioning as an insecticide that kills flies when pieces of its cap are sprinkled in milk and allowed to stand in the open air.
Can you name a fungus that can be collected in the Arkansas woods that is used by other cultures medicinally? 1) Wood Ear or Tree-Ear fungus: Auricularia auricula-judae(China), 2) Turkey Tail fungus: Trametes vericolor(China), 3) Ling Zhi aka “mushroom of immorality” and Reishi: Ganoderma lucidum(China&Japan), 4) Oyster mushroom: Pleurotus ostreatus(China)
Can the mushroom known as the “Destroying Angel” be found in Arkansas? Not only can it be found in most, if not all areas of the states, it is quite common during the summer months. As the common name suggests, it is a deadly poisonous mushroom that can kill humans if it is ingested.
Are there truffles in Arkansas? True truffles, of the genus Tuber, or other closely related genera haven't been documented as occurring in Arkansas. Collections of False truffles (Genus Elaphomyces) and Basidiotruffles(Genera Rhizopogon & Zelleromyces) have been collected in the state.
Are there bioluminescent (mushroom that can create their own light source) mushrooms in Arkansas? Yes. The largest one is the Jack o’ Lantern mushroom, (Omphalotus illudens). Also, Panellus stipticus also grows on wood, usually on fallen logs or large branches.
Is it true that it is safe to eat any mushroom or fungus that grows on wood because no poisonous mushrooms or fungi grow on wood? False! Some small mushrooms that grow on wood are deadly! Some contain the same toxins that are found in the deadly Amanitas. Also some can cause gastrointestinal upsets if eaten due to the fact that their texture is tough and not fleshy.
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