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CCJS105 Exam

Mens Rea Guilty mind- the mental element of a crime or the intent to commit a criminal act.
criminology the scientific study of the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior
Mala En Se acts that are outlawed because they violate basic moral values rape, murder, assult, and robbery
Mala Prohibita acts that are outlawed because they clash with current norms and public opinion such as tax, traffic, drug laws
Deviant Vs. Criminal Behavior Deviant- social harm/ departs social norms Criminal- Violation of the law
URC Vs. Dark Figure of Crime Uniform Crime Report= database complied by FBI of crimes reported and arrests made Dark Figure- Crimes which remain wither undiscovered or unreported by police
Victim Surveys a statistical survey such as NCVS that measures the amount, nature, and patterns of victimization in the population
Social Disorder theory social disorganization the subset of social structure theriores, what happens when social controls breakdown
Subculture of Violence norms and customs that in contrast to society's dominant value system legitimize and expect the useof violence to resolve social conflicts
Philosophies of punishment Retributuion-punishement inflicted on a persons who commits crime gerneral detterence- punishment of criminals to serve as examples specific deterrence-punishment with intent to discourage future crime committing incapitation- deprivation of capacity,
Philosophies of punishment 2 incapitation- deprivation of capacity- prision rehabilitation- restoring convicted offender to a constructive placethru vocational, education, or therapy
Homocide the unlawful killing of a human being. with intent to harm
Lombroso the idea that criminals are borm deviant which strongly is influences by his medical background
Classical school of criminology the perspective suggesting that people have free will to choose criminal or convential behaviors, committ crime for person need, crime control by fear of criminal sanctions
Ecological view social forces operate in urban areas which create criminal interations ex. hood become natural crime areas
Conflict perspective the view that human behavior is shaped by interpersonal conflict and those who maintain social power will use it to further their own needs
Created by: jwithers
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