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NRN 102 OB Ch 18

CCAC NRN 102 Nursing Care during Labor and Birth (CH 18)

Why does the nurse review the prenatal record? To identify the woman's individual needs and risks.
In reviewing the past and present pregnancy histories with a client, what should you include? Gravity, parity, problems , gestational hypertension, anemai, gestational diabetes, infections, immunodeficieny
Why are cultural beliefs and values important to know when caring for a woman in laobr? They influence a woman's reliance on her health care provider.
Which culture encourages a father's participation? Western cultures such as European
What do Leopolds Maneuvers help to identify? number of fetuses, presenting part, fetal lie, and fetal attitude, degree of descent of the presenting part into the pelvis, expected location of the PMI of the FHR on the woman's abdomen
What is the first thing a nurse must do when membranes rupture? Assess the FHR
What 4 things should the nurse note when assessing the contractions? Frequency, duration, intensity, and resting tone
How can a hands-knees position help a woman complaining of backache during labor with the fetus in a posterior position? Relieves backache by pelvic rocking, facilitates internal rotation of the fetus by increasing mobility of the coccyx, increasing the pelvic diameters, and using gravity to turn the fetal back and rotate thehead.
What is an amniotomy? Artifical rupture of membranes
Why is hygeine important in labor? It enhances the feeling of well-being and minimizes discomfort of contractions
During the first stage of labor, describe the contraction pattern and dilation. The first stage is from the onset of contractions until complete dilation.
Latent phase of first stage is from 0-3cm dilation
Active phase of first stage is from 4-7 cm of dilation
Transition phase is from 8-10 cm of dilation
Second stage is from complete dilation until delivery of the fetus
What does the term "laboring down" refer to? The passive descent and rotation of the fetus as a result of ongoing contractions
What influences the duration of second stage? effectiveness of rimary and secondary powers of labor,type and amount of analgesia or anesthesia used, physical and emotional condition, position, activity level, parity, and pelvic adequacy of the laboring woman, size, presentation, and position of fetus
List 5 emergency situations for the laboring woman nonreassuring FHR pattern, inadequate uterine relaxation, vaginal bleeding, infection and prolapsed cord
Why are prostaglandin gels used? To ripen the cervix in preparation for induction of labor
Laceration that extends through the skin and sturctures superficial to muscles First degree
Laceration continues through muscles of perineal body Second degree
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