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Stack #50598

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 4

aeternus, -a, -um eternal
agō, -ere, ēgī, āctus do, drive, discuss, spend (time), conduct
altus, -a, -um high, tall, deep
amīcus, -a, -um friendly (+ dat.)
inimīcus, -a, -um unfriendly, hostile (+ dat.)
caelum, -ī, N. heaven, sky
cārus, -a, -um dear, (+ dat.)
cibus, -ī, M. food
circum (prep. + acc.) around
dēleō, -ēre, -ēvī, -ētus destroy
deus, -ī, M. a god, deity
nom. pl. dī gods, deities
gen. pl. deōrum or deum of gods, of deities
dat., abl. pl. dīs to/for/by/with/from gods or deities
dea, -ae, F. goddess
dūcō, -ere, dūxī, ductus lead; consider
faciō, -ere, fēcī, factus make, do
factum, -ī, N. deed
fīlius, -ī, M. son
fīlia, -ae, F. daughter
honestus, -a, -um respected, honorable, distinguished
intellegō, -ere, intellēxī, intellēctus understand
legō, -ere, lēgī, lēctus choose, select; read
liber, librī, M. book
littera, -ae, F. letter (of the alphabet); pl., letter (epistle)
mēnsa, -ae, F. table
mittō, -ere, mīsī, missus send
mōnstrō (1) show, point out, demonstrate
oppidum, -ī, N. town
perdō, -ere, perdidī, perditus destroy, lose, waste
perīculum, -ī, N. danger
pōnō, -ere, posuī, positus put, place, set aside
quod (conj.) because
rēgnum, -ī, N. realm, kingdom
respondeō, -ēre, respondī, respōnsus answer
studium, -ī, N. enthusiasm, zeal
tegō, -ere, tēxī, tēctus cover, conceal
tēctum, -ī, N. roof, house
trādō, -ere, trādidī, trāditus hand over, betray
umbra, -ae, F. shadow
urna, -ae, F. urn
vērus, -a, -um true, real
vērē or vērō (adv.) truly, indeed
videō, -ēre, vīdī, vīsus see;(in passive) seem, as well as be seen
vīlla, -ae, F. country house, farmhouse
Created by: alcarohtare