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What family is the most famous paleoanthropologist? The leakeys
Donald Johanson found lucy in what year and how old was she? He also discoverd what? HE found her in 1974 and she was 3.2 million years old and he found was the first family.
As we no ancient egyptiand were known for there great pyramids but what were there queens name and when did she die? Queen cloepatra and 30 B.C.
Were did the Bantu people settle throughout centeral and southern Africa Central and southern africa
Who was the Ethiopian empire queen? The queen of sheba
songhai was what? another goldtrading empire
The swahiloi laguage and culture has now dominated what? East Africa
The porteguese begain the exploration of Afrcia in the late what 1400's
Who was the slave trade triangular beteen? Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
What percent og people survied on the boat during the slave trade? 80%
What year did the slave tradde end? early 1800's
New nations evolved with complex mixures of what? cultures
Who was fighting for indapentance? Africans
Created by: cuddlebug829