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Social Studies Test1

first social studies

Continent One of 7 large land masses on Earth
North Pole area on the northern most part of the Earth
South Pole area on the southern most part of the Earth
Compass Rose a small drawing on a map that helps you find direction (looks like a plus sign with arrows)
Map Key tells you what the symbol on a map stands for
Map Locator a small map on a bigger map that helps you understand where an area is located compared to other areas
Equator an imaginary line circling the Earth halfway between the two poles
Cardinal Directions North, South, East and West
Ocean one of 4 large bodies of water on Earth
Landform Map shows different landforms on Earth
Grid Map uses a set of boxes, or a grid, to locate places (think of the game "Battleship")
Map Symbols drawings on maps that stand for real objects/places
Africa 4 of the 5 fastest animals live here (Cheetah, wildebeest, lion and gazelle)
Antartica no people live here permanently
Asia Oil in the Middle East is a major supplier of much of the world's energy.
North America we live here
South America most people here speak Spanish and it has the largest waterfall in the world, Santo del Angel
Europe contains the countries of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland and many more
Australia is the largest island, but the smallest continent
Created by: shanshansman