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sic.7th climate


A pattern of weather that occurs in an area over many years Climate
What are the elements that are averaged to determine climate temperature, precipitation, air pressure, humidity, and days of sunshine
Distances north or south of the equator Latitude
In which climate does the sun shine directly overhead, keeping temperatures high Tropics (between 23 degrees north & 23 degrees south)
In which climate does the sun shine at a low angle, keeping temperatures low. Polar zones (between 66 degrees north and 66 degrees south to the poles)
What zones are between the tropics and the polar zones? Temperate zones
At what temperatures are Temperate zones? moderate temperatures
How do large bodies of water affect the climate of coastal areas? By absorbing or giving off heat.
What can ocean currents can bring to coastal areas? Warm or cool temperatures and moisture.
What landform affectstheir own climate as well as the climates of nearby areas Mountains
At the same latitude, is the climate on a mountain colder or warmer that the climate at sea level? Colder
What do mountains cause the air to do? Rise, cool, and condense, creating a wetter climate on tehe windward side of the mountain and a much drier climate on the leeward side.
Why do cities frequently have higher temperatures than surrounding areas? Because of their large areas of solar radiation-absorbing pavement and concrete.
what is the name of a climate classification system? Koppen's system
What does Koppen's system examine temperature, precipitation and plant types
what are 6 types of climate? tropical, mild, dry, continental, polar, and high elevation
What is Adaptation Any structure or behavior that helps an organism survive in its environment
What are structural adaptations body structures that help organisms survive in certain climates
What are 2 examples of structural adaptation fur of mammales isulates them from the cold temperatures and a cactus's thick fleshy stem helps it hold water.
What are 2 examples of behavioral adaptations hibernation and estivation
what is hibernation a period of greatly reduced activity during cold months
what is estivation a state of inactivation similar to to hibernation that occurs during periods of intense heat.
What are seasons? short periods of climatic change caused by changes in the amount of solar radiation an area receives.
What happens as the Earth revolves around the Sun? different areas of the Earth are tilted towar the Sun
Do the tropics experience much seasonal temperature change? no
What areas experience great seasonal temperature change? high latitudes near the poles
What is El Nino an occasional climatic event in which strong Pacific winds weaken and sometimes reverse
what is one effect of El Nino Ocean temperaturesnear Peru heat up
What is a second effect of El Nino the position and strength of one of the jet streams may be altered, changing wind and precipitation patterns around the world
What is a third effect of El Nino Africa and Australia may experience drought
What is La Nina the winds blowing across the Pacific are stronger than normal
Created by: JesusFreak