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Geo Culture Test

culture way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs. A particular culture can be understood by looking at language, religion, daily life, history, art, government, and economy
language family large groups of languages having similar roots. languages that seem diverse may belong to the same family
ethnic group made up of people who share a common language, history, place of origin, or combination, some cultures have many different people who belong to different ethnic groups, italian, hispanic, indians, bosnians
culture regions includes countries that have certain traits in common, may share similar economic systems, forms of government, social groups, histories, types of art
culture hearth early centers of civilization whose ideas and practices spread to surrounding areas , where the world's first civilizations began, first culture hearths developed in the areas where the modern day countries of egypt, iraq, pakistan, china, and mexico are
culture shock when someone is shocked and surprised by the different cultural characteristics and customs of a different country
information revolution where new technologies like computers, cell phones, and social networking sites became a major part of society, began at the end of the 1900s (turning point in the world)) use of computers made it possible to store large amounts of information very easily
computers and cell phones made it easy to instantly acquire and share info around the world, linked the cultures of the world
assimilation to be brought into, when two cultures combine
key elements of culture language, religion, government, economic system, food, history, music, and architecture
how does religion express a groups culture? the most important aspect of culture, helps show what a person or culture believes in,
christianity one god, jesus son and savior, jesus died for the people, cross/crucifix, eternal life through jesus, bible sacred text
islam one god allah, makkah religious capital, mohammed prophet, quran sacred text, ramadan religious holiday
world culture religions ?
describe cultural conflict over muslim women wearing the veil in the west cannot see face for licenses (faiza silmi) does not agree with our belief of treatment of women (think women wear them because their husbands tell them to
hijab scarf that goes around head and hair, symbol of respect, religion, and womanhood
burqa most conealing of all islamic veils, (most conservative countries) covers entire body and face, has a black mesh veil that covers eyes
niqab covers entire body and most of face, leaves area around eyes open, can be worn with seperate eye veil and head skirt
chador covers whole head except for face, same piece covers head and body
what percent of world population is christian 33%
what percent of world is islamic? 22%
cultural conflicts in not without my daughter what women are supposed to wear, women's independence, religion, how women have to tell their husbands everything, women have to listen to everything their husbands say, how children should be raised
why were the cultural differences between betty and moody not a problem in america but a huge on when they were in iran in america betty had been able to do what she wanted when she wanted and wear what she wanted to but in iran she had to wear a chador and had to listen to everything moody told her and could not do anything unless he knew about it
do you think islamic and western differences could every be settled? it would be very difficult but not impossible, they would have to accept each others differences and realize that they may believe in different things but they could still get along, i doubt the cultural gap will ever be bridged
iranian revolution a ruler who was pro western and trying to reform iran (shah) was overthrown and iran became an islamic republic and the conservative religious leaders took over the government (theocracy)
ayatollah ali khamenei the supreme leader of iran, he appoints the head of judiciary and military etc. he is a conservative religious man and religious leader and he will be leader for the rest of his life
president mahmoud ahmadinejad president of iran, has an outspoken personality and is very anti-western, he hates the united stated and everything they do, very conservative, wants to see israel (jews) destroyed and claims holocaust never happened
what advice would betty give you if you traveled to a part of the world with a very different culture?? make sure you know what youre getting into and understand all the aspects of the culture before you go
tehran capital of iran
Created by: distler