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Mrs. Brown, Southeast, Chapter 3, Lesson 3

What do plants turn into after millions of years? Coal
plant decay
When decayed plants sink to the bottom of the ground what do they turn into? peat
What is the peat pushed by? sand and soil
What do sand and soil turn into? rock
What presses and heats the peat and what does it turn into? rock and coal
What 2 things could happen to miners because of coal mining? death and scaring injuries
What can happen to the tunnel the miners work in? they can collapse and trap the miners
What might be caused by breathing in the dust? lung damage
What can happen to the gases in the mines? they can build up and explode
What did the miners in the US form and in what year? labor unions in 1890
What are groups of workers that try to get better working conditions? labor unions
What is black or brown mineral found in the ground? coal
Where is coal a natural resource? The Southeast
In the 1800's what 3 ways did the miners remove the coal? shovels, pics, and sometimes explosives
What year did 2 laws pass that no longer allowed children to work in mines? 1940
What has made digging mines faster and safer? mining machines
What roles do humans still pay in digging mines? run the machine, keep cables clear, and build supports to prevent cave ins.
If coal is burned what does it produce? heat and light
What 2 things can coal be used for when it is burned, other than heat and light? electricity and fuel
What did the Hopi use coal for? backing pottery
Why did trains begin carrying coal across the country? there was a demand for it
What does more than half of our country's electricity come from? burning coal
Created by: ahaddie