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7Sci Chapter 12 Sec1

It's Alive!! Or Is It? - Characteristics of Living Things

How many characteristics do all living things share? 6
What is one characteristic that all living things share? they have cells
How many cells do all living things have? 1 or more
What has all the materials necessary for life? a cell
What keeps a cell's contents away from its environment? a membrane
What are all living things able to do? they can sense and respond to change
What is a stimulus? a change that affects a living thing's activity
What must all living thing maintain? a stable internal condition
What is homeostasis? the maintenance of a stable internal condition
What is one characteristic that all living things share? they are able to reproduce
How do two parents produce offspring? through sexual reproduction
How does a single parent produce offspring? through asexual reproduction
What do the cells of all living things contain? DNA
When living things reproduce, who do they pass copies of their DNA to? their offspring
What is heredity? the passing of traits from parents to offspring
What does DNA control? the structure and function of cells
What is the total of all chemical activities a living thing performs called? metabolism
What do all living things do during their lives? they grow and develop
What happens to a single-celled living thing as it grows? it gets larger and divides
What happens to a living thing with many cells as it grows? it gains cells and gets bigger
What is a cell? the smallest unit that can perform all life processes
What is sexual reproduction? reproduction in which the sex cells from two parents unite, producing offspring that share traits from both parents
What is asexual reproduction? reproduction that does not involve the union of sex cells and in which one parent produces offspring identical to itself
Created by: ndmsteach