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ago agere egi actus to do, drive
cedo cedere cessi cessurus to move, retreat
debeo debere debui debitus to owe, ought
defendo defendere defendi defensus to defend, protect
duco ducere duxi ductus to lead
efficio efficere effeci effectus to bring about, produce
excedo excedere excessi excessurus to depart
exspecto exspectare exspectavi exspectatus to wait for
facio facere feci factus to make, do
invenio invenire inveni inventus to find
maturo maturare maturavi maturatus to hasten
mitto mittere misi missus to send
munio munire munivi munitus to fortify
narro narrare narravi narratus to narrate, tell
pono ponere posui positus to put, place
rego regere rexi rectus to rule
venio venire veni venturus to come, go
accedo accedere accessi accessurus to approach
accipio accipere accepi acceptus to receive
capio capere cepi captus to take, seize
Created by: southmoore