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4th - Mrs. Browns SS

Economy of the Southeast Chap 3 lesson 2

What is the business of growing crops and raising animals Agriculture
What is called when the weather is warm enough for crops to grow Growing Season
What are some of the Cash Crops of the Southeast peaches, cotton, watermelon, rice, oranges, peanuts, sugar cane, tabacco, tomotoes, onions, soybeans, and sweet potatoes
What is a type of crop that is grown to sell Cash Crops
What are people that travel from another state or country to enjoy a different area while on vacation Tourists
What is it called when a region uses natural resources, good, and services to make money Economy
What are 2 things that help the Southeast farmers grow crops heavy rainfall and rich soil
What was one of the 1st Cash Crops for the Southeast Tobacco
What is the use of ditches and pipes to bring water to the fields Irrigation
What are 2 important parts of the Southeast Economy Selling Crops and providing services to the Tourists
What river was named by the Algonkian-speaking Native Americans Mississippi River
The words Misi Sipi mean Big water or father of water
The starting point of the Mississippi River is called Source
Was is the longest river in North America Mississippi River
Which Lake that is the starting point of the Mississippi River is .... and is located where Lake Itasca in Minnesota
What are small rivers that flow into one Large River Tributaries
What is it called when all the Land is drained by a river and its tributaries River Basin
What is the place where a river empties into an ocean or other large body of water Mouth
The Mouth of the Mississippi empties into what Gulf of Mexico
What does a river carry large amounts of Silt or fine dirt
Over time the Silt or fine dirt form what Sandbars, islands and river bends
Silt is also known as fine dirt
this a wall that Engineers build to keep the rivers from flooding the land during heavy rain or melting snow. Levees
What is used to remove Silt from the bottom of the river to keep it safe Special Boats
What is the place where ships load and unload goods Ports
What Port is used in Louisiana where goods are delivered from other countries and where goods leave the US to go to other countries Port of New Orleans
What are the 2 states that have important wetlands in the Southeaset Georgia and Florida
What is the Wetland in Georgia The Okefenokee Swamp
What is the Wetland in Florida The Florida Everglades
What is land formed by the soil the river deposits as it flows into the sea Delta
Why is the soil in the delta good for farming it is rich and black
What is an area such as a swamp or marsh where water is at or close to the surface of the ground Wetlands
What is the measurement to show a real distance on Earth Map Scale
This map shows few details on a large area Small-scale Map
This map shows a lot of details on a smaller area Large-scale Map
What are 2 Natural Resources in the Southeast Pine Trees and Coal
Pine Trees are used to make paper and other paper products
Miners get Coal from where by digging it out of the ground
Coal can be burned to produce what heat, light and electricity
For how many years have people used coal as fuel 3,000 years
By what year did Americans start using coal more rapidly 1890's
In the 1890's how many tons of coal where Americans using each year 200 million tons
After million of years plants to into what Coal
How do plants turn into coal plants decay, the decayed plants sink to the bottom of the ground and turn into peat, the peat is pushed down by sand and soil , the sand and soil turn into rock and the rock presses the peat, heats it and then turns into coal
What is coal black or brown mineral that are found in the ground
What are some of the dangers of mining the tunnels that the miners are working in can collapse and trap miners, breathing in the dust can cause lung cancer, and gases can build up and cause explosions
In what year did the miners in the US form Labor Unions 1890's
This is a group of workers who try to get better working conditions. Labor Unions
What are some things that the Labor Unions have gotten for the mining workers medical care, cleaner air, safer mines, better pay and laws passed to protect workers
What machine has made mining faster and safer Continuous Mines Machine
What is the use of Coal to burn it
What does the US get from burning coal the US earns money from selling the coal to other countries
In the 1800's the miners had to use what to remove the coal shovels and explosives
In what year did a law pass to keep children from working in mines 1940's
Who used coal to make pottery the Hopi
Coal is used as electricty in more than ________ of the US half