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Quiz 3 Review

Quiz 3 review for government

Who has power to set voter qualifications states
Elections between presidential elections off-year elections
People on West Coast decide not to vote in an election because results for East Coast were announced time-zone fallout
Three universal requirements for voting age residency citizenship
Over 35, good job, good education are all characteristics that describe the typical voter
Under 35, unmarried & unskilled typically describe non-voter
Number 1 determining factor of party affiliation family
Election before general election in which parties select one candidate from a group of candidates primary
Strong candidate running for office draws voters for other positions from that same party coattail effect
group of like minded people get together to select candidate they will support in the general election caucus
If you cannot make it to your polling place on election day you may request one of these absentee ballot
Voting district where people live precinct
Where someone votes (ballots are cast) polling place
generally used when elections are extremely close recount
are not a part of political parties and have soft campaign money used to attack a candidate 527 group
Designed to support political candidates with campaign contributions political action committee
Where is most campaign money spent? television advertising
Supposed to ensure honest elections, but sometimes unfairly harasses voters poll watcher
Bi-partisan group who tabulates votes after an election has taken place canvassing board
Type of primary that Michigan currently has open public declaration
Created by: jbain8