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ch.5 science

chapter 5 test notes

release of heat exothermal
diffusion of water osmosis
particles moving from high to low concentration diffusion
large particles entering the cell endocytosis
particles exiting the cell exocytosis
What kind of reproduction is meiosis? sexual
what kind of reproduction is mitosis? asexual
cell with DNA in the nucleus eukaryote
organism that moves using cilia paramecium
organism that moves using psuedopods amoeba
organism that moves using flagella euglena
reflects/absorbs ultraviolet light ozone
corrosive (eats away) acid rain
theory that living things could be produced from non living things spontaneous generation
an example of a compound is CO
an example of an element is Co
an example of a genotype is TT, Tt
an example of a phenotype is "Looks Tall"
He had the theory of Evolution and Natural Selection Darwin
He worked with the theory of spontaneous generation Redi
He came up with the Germ Theory Pasteur
She worked with radioactive elements Curie
He was known as the Father of Genetics Mendel
Examples of decomposers are Bacteria and Fungi
Fossils are found in sedimentary rock
The key to survival is being able to reproduce
charecteristics, processes or behaviors that help an organism survive are called? adaptations
When an organism cant adapt to their environmental changes_____ occurs. extinction
what is the first organism in a food web? insect
variety of life on earth is called biodiversity
A change in an organisms traits over time is called evolution
Two populations that can no longer breed are different species
traits being passed from parents to offspring is known as heredity
species evolving into another species is called speciation
a genetic change in DNA is known as a mutation
a distinguishing charecteristic is called a trait
the period of time between the birth of one generation and the birth of the next generation is its generation time
solidified remains of organisms found in sedimentry rock are fossils
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