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4th SS/SE Chap 3

SS Southeast Chap 3

What is fine dirt that moves as the river flows and it changes the bottom of the basin silt
What 3 things are formed as the silt moves along the river? New Islands, Sandlands, and river bends
What is used to remove extra silt? Special Boats
What are the special walls next to rivers Engineers design and build to keep the river from flooding? Levees
A place where ships load and unload goods Ports
Where is the port that goods are delivered from other countries and where goods leave the US to be delivered into other countries? New Orleans, LA
What ports have helped cities grow? Mississippi River
What are the 2 important wetlands? Okeffonokee Swamp and Florida Evergreens
The land formed by the soil the river depostis as it flows into the sea? Delta
What type of soil if rich, black and perfect for farming? Delta Soil
An area such as a swamp or marsh where water is at or close to the surface of the ground? Wetlands
Rolling down the River Mississippi River
Misi Sipi = "Big Water" "Fater of Water"
Who named the Mississippi River? Native Americans
What is the starting point or source of the Mississippi River? tiny Lake Itasca in Minnesota
Where is the mouth of the Mississippi River located and what does it empty into? Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico
What are smaller rivers that feed into a larger body of water? tributaries
All the land drained by a river and its tributaries is called? river basin
Created by: ahaddie