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Latin I - Unit 5

Caput Capitis, N. head
Cena -ae, F. dinner
Conveniō -ire, -veni, -venturus. Come together
Corpus -poris, N. body
Crās adv. tomorrow
Deus -i. M. god
Dīcō -ere, dixi, dictus, say tell
Dux ducis, M. leader, general
Fabula -ae, F. story
Finitimus -I, M. neighbor
Frater fratis M. brother
Gerō gerere, gessi, gestus, carry on
Ibi adv. there
Inimicus -I, M. enemy
Ita adv. So, yes
Lēx legis, F. law
Mater matris, F. mother
me or my
Mīles militis, M. soldier
Minimē Adv. Not at all, no
Mox Adv. soon
Nōn adv. not
Noscō -ere, novi, notus, learn
Numquam Adv never
Nunc adv. now
Olim adv. formerly
Paene adv. almost
Pater patris M. father
Pāx pacis, f. peace
Procedō -ere, -cessi, -cesssurus, go forward
Producō -ere, -duxi, -ductus, lead out
Rex regis M. king
Scribō -ere, scripsi, scriptus write
Semper Adv. always
Sīc yes, thus, so
Soror -oris, F. sister
Suus -a, -um, his, her, its, their
Tempus -oris, N. time
Tum Adv. Then
Ubi Adv. Where, when
Urbs Urbis, urbium, f. City
Created by: eaglesoars