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NRN 102 (CH 14)

CCAC NRN 102 Pregnancy at Risk; Gestational Conditions (CH14)

What is the definition of hypertension? Systolic >140, Diastolic > 90
Blood Pressure elevation detected first time after midpregnancy without proteinuria Gestational Hypertension
Gestational hypertension with no signs of preeclampsia present at the time of birth and hypertension resolves by 12 weeks after birth; this is a retrospective diagnosis Transient hypertension
Pregnancy-specific syndrome that usually occurs after 20 weeks of gestation and is determined by gestational hypertension plus proteinuria Preecalampsia
The occurence of seizures in a woman with preeclampsia that cannot be attributed to other causes Eclampsia
Hypertension that is present and observable before pregnancy or that is diagnosed before 20 weeks gestation Chronic Hypertension
Chronic hypertension with new proteinuria or an exacerbation of hypertension or proteinuria, thrombocytopenia, or increases in hepatocellular enzymes Preeclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertension
Proteinuria is defined as a concentration of 30mg/dl or more in at least 2 random urine specimens collected at least 6 hours apart with no urinary tract infection
What are the characteristics of HELLP syndrome? hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets (less than 100,000)
Describe 3+ reflexes More brisk than expected, slightly hyperactive
What is the treatment of preeclampsia? Magnesium Sulfate
What is the antedote for Magnesium Sulfate? Calcium Gluconate
Bleeding during early pregnancy is nothing to worry about. False, it is alarming to the pregnant woman and of concern to health care professionals
A pregnancy that ends without medical or surgical method before 20 weeks of gestation miscarriage or spontaneous abortion
What are the types of miscarriage? Threatened, inevitable, incomplete, complete, and missed
What are the signs of miscarriage? presence of uterine bleeding, uterine contractions, uterine pain
A pegnancy in which the fertilized ovum is implanted outside the uterine cavity is Ectopic pregnancy
Treatment for unruptured ectopic pregnancy is Methotrexate
What are causes of late pregnancy bleeding? Placenta previa, premature seperation of the placenta, variations in the insertion of the cord and placenta
Painless vaginal bleeding in late pegnancy Placenta previa
Painful vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy Abruptio placenta
Created by: JayneAnn