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Bacteria - Micro4

Virulence Factors

N. meningitidis IgA protease; endotoxin (petechial rash via necrosis);
L. monocytogenes LLO (activated in acidic phagosome --> lyses it); endotoxin; internalin (for penetration of GI)
M. tuberculosis mycolic acid (for intracell survival)
M. leprae mycolic acid (for intracell survival)
K. pneumoniae antiphagocytic capsule
L. pneumophila Pili (for attach to resp epithelia)
P. aeruginosa Exotoxin A (ADP ribosylates EF2); Phospholipase C (cleaves phosphate to feed bacteria); elastase (cleaves BM for dissemination); endotoxin (sepsis); alginate capsule (impedes clearance); pili
H. influenza IgA protease; capsule (w/ PRP)
B. pertussis FHA (adherence to cilia); pertussis toxin (ADP ribosylates Gi --> uninhibited adenylate cyclase); secreted adenylate cyclase; tracheal cytotoxin (kills ciliated epithelia)
C. diphtheria diphtheria toxin (ADP ribosylates EF2)
M. pneumoniae P1 adhesin
C. psittaci special cell wall (prevents phagosome-lysosome fusion)
C. pneumoniae special cell wall (prevents phagosome-lysosome fusion)
C. trachomatis special cell wall (prevents phagosome-lysosome fusion)
B. cereus ST (emetic) & LT (diarrheal)
B. anthracis porins 1A (bind C4bp/fH) & 1B (bind C4bp)
N. gonorrhea IgA protease; pilE/pilS (prevents phagocytosis --> recombinant); endotoxin
T. pallidum endotoxin (in Jarisch-Herxheimer rxn)
B. recurrentis endotoxin (in Jarisch-Herxheimer rxn)
B. hermsii endotoxin (in Jarisch-Herxheimer rxn)
Y. pestis endotoxin; F1 capsular antigen (anti-phagocytic)
S. aureus (infections) protein A (bind Fc of IgG); coagulase; hemolysins (destroy RBCs); hyaluronidase; staphylokinase (lyses clots); lipase
S. aureus (toxin) TSST-1 (TSS); exfoliative toxin A & B (scalded skin); enterotoxin SE-A (food poisoining)
S. epidermidis polysaccharide capsule
S. pneumoniae capsule (anti-C3b)
S. pyogenes (immune) M protein (antiphagocytic); streptolysin O
S. pyogenes (infections) M protein (antiphagocytic); streptokinase (fibrinolysis); hyaluronidase; DNase; Streptlysin O
S. pyogenes (toxin) M protein (antiphagocytic); streptolysin O; Exotoxin A/B/C (scarlet fever), A (TSS), B (nec. fasciitis)
S. agalactiae (GBS) capsule
E. faecalis capsule (no bile degradation)
S. bovis capsule (no bile degradation)
S. viridans capsule
Shigella dysenteriae Shet 1/2 (invades M cells --> apoptosis --> depurinates 28S rRNA); O antigen
Salmonella typhi Vi capsule (allow survival in phagocytes); endotoxin
Salmonella enteritidis Vi capsule (allow survival in phagocytes); endotoxin
ETEC LT (inc cAMP via ADP ribosylates Gs) & ST (inc cGMP)
EHEC/STEC SLT 1/2 --> inactivate 60S via 28s depurination
EPEC flattening of villi --> malabsorption
EIEC SLT 1/2 --> inactivate 60S via 28s depurination
E. coli (others) Endotoxin
Y. enterocolitica ST enterotoxin (inc cGMP)
Proteus mirabilis Urease (splits urea to NH4OH --> inc pH --> struvite calculi); O antigen
H. pylori urease (produces ammonia --> inc pH); arginase; SOD
V. cholera mucinase (difests mucous coat around intestinal cells); cholera toxin (irbosylated Gs --> inc cAMP)
V. parahaemolytica mucinase (difests mucous coat around intestinal cells); cholera toxin (irbosylated Gs --> inc cAMP)
C. jejuni Enterotoxin (cholera-like); cytotoxin
C. botulinum Botulinum toxin (LT toxin --> blocks ACh release from nerve terminals)
C. tetani Tetanospasmin (retrogradely on axon --> blocks GABA/glycine release from Renshaw interneurons --> hyperexcitement of motor nerves)
C. difficile toxin A (alters fluid secretions) & B (cytotoxic to epithelial cells)
C. perfringens Degredative enzymes (cellulitis); a-toxin (muscle cell necrosis); enterotoxin (LT, inhibits glucose transport)
B. fragilis capsule; only Gram- LACKS endotoxin
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