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Bacteria - Micro1

Clinical Symptoms

N. meningitidis meningococcemia w/ petechial rash (endotoxin); meningitis; Waterhouse-Friiderichsen syndrome (adrenal insufficiency due to hemorrhage/necrosis w/ shock, DIC)
L. monocytogenes neonatal meningitis & sepsis
M. tuberculosis TB primary (walled off caseus granulomas in lower lung) or secondary (caseus granulomas w/ cavitations in apex via reactivation); Potts disease (vertebral body); pericarditis
M. bovis GI TB
M. leprae lepromatous (saddle-nose, leonine facies, infertility, loss eyebrows) --> testes, face, limbs; tuberculoid (1/2 hypopigmented & hairless lesions, thickened nerves)
K. pneumoniae pneumonia (rt upper lobe); UTI (no bacteria to compete & UT block)
L. pneumophila Pontiac fever (fever, muscle aches, NO pneumonia); Legionnaires (atypical pneumonia, headache, GI problems, fever, chills)
P. aeruginosa Pneumonia (CF patients); UTI (hospital pts); Septicemia; Endocarditis; Malignant external otitis; Osteomyelitis; burn wound infections; folliculitis (hot tubs)
H. influenza AEMOP: septic Arthritis, epiglottitis, meningitis, otitis media, pneumonia; cellulitis
B. pertussis Whooping cough: catarrhal (flu-like); paroxysmal (cough on expiration w/ whooping inspiration); recorvery (coughing subsides)
C. diphtheria Pseudomembrane (gray fibrinous exudate) w/ airway obstruction & pharyngitis; myocarditis or polyneuritis (via toxin)
M. pneumoniae Tracheobronchitis; atypical pneumonia ("walking"); anemia & arthritis (B cells generate Abs autoreact with erythrocytes, brain, heart --> IgM cold agglutinins)
C. psittaci Atypical pneumonia & endocarditis
C. pneumoniae Atypical pneumonia (community-acquired)
C. trachomatis D-K: urethritis, cervicitis, PID, neonatal conjunctivitis (--> blindness)/pneumonia; A-C: trachoma (chronic conjunctivitis); L1-L3: lymphogranuloma venereum (painless ulcer --> buboes); also Reiter's & Fit-Hugh-Curtis
B. cereus emetic (ST, rice) & diarrheal (LT, meats/veggies/sauce)
B. anthracis Cutaneous: (painless, black eschar); GI: dysentery; Pulm: Woolsorter's disease, dyspnea, nonproductive cough, stridor
N. gonorrhea Urethritis, dysuria& epididymitis (men), cervicitis & PID (women), ophthalmia neonatorum (purulent conjunctivitis), septic arthritis, painful defecation; Fitz-Hugh-Curtis; increased risk of ectopic pregnancy
T. pallidum (1) painless CHANCRE; (2) CONDYLOMA LATA, maculopap rash [palms/soles], meningitis, arthritis; (3) GUMMAS, aortitis, tabes dorsalis, meningitis, Argyll Robertson pupil; (congenital) CN VIII deafness, saber shins, saddle nose, Hutchinson's incisors)
B. burgdorferi (1) erythema chronicum migrans; (2) Bell's palsy, aseptic meningitis, peripheral neuropathy, AV nodal block, arthritis; (3) chronic arthritis, acrodermatitis chronicum atrophicans (skin atrophy)
B. recurrentis EPIDEMIC relapsing fever (5 days febriel, 8 afebrile)
B. hermsii ENDEMIC relapsing fever (5 days febriel, 8 afebrile)
Leptospire interrogans (1) flu-like, photophobia w/ conjunctival reddening; (2) rise in anti-leptospira IgM --> leptospirosis (aseptic meningitis) or Weil's disease (vasculitis, renal failure w/ azotemia, jaundice)
Y. pestis Black plague (cutaneous black hemorrhage necrosis) --> gangrene; regional lymphadenitis (buboes); DIC (endotoxin)
Francisella tularensis Tularemia (oculoglandular, pulmonary, typhoidal, or ulceroglandular [black base]) = infection + lymphadenopathy
Brucella spp. undulating fever (fever @ day, down @ night) --> hepatic lesions, arthritis, meningitis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis
R. prowazekii EPIDEMIC typhus (rash on Trunk --> spreads outward minus hands/feet/face); vasulitis; headache; Brill-Zinsser (if untreated, may recur mildly)
R. typhi ENDEMIC typhus
R. tsutsugamushi SCRUB typhus
R. rickettsii Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (maculopapular rash on hands/feet --> spread centrally; vasculitis; headache; renal damage)
R. akari Rickettsial Pox (vesicles all over body --> chickenpox equivalent); black eschar @ site (mimics B. anthracis)
Coxiella burnetii Q fever (atypical pneumonia) --> hepatitis & endocarditis (potentially)
H. ducreyi chancroid/soft chancre; ulcers on genitalia; regional lymphadenopathy
Gardnerella vaginalis vaginosis; fishy smell (gray discharge)
Candida albicans YEAST INFECTION - vaginal itch, thick & white discharge, dysuria
T. vaginalis disharge, itching, increase in pH
Ehrlichia chaffeensis (HME) Ehrlichia
Anaplasma phagocytophilum (HGE) Ehrlichia
Bartonella quintana Trench fever (~5 days); bacillary angiomatosis; endocarditis
Bartonella bacilliformis Carrions' disease: Oroya fever (hemolytic anemia) & Verruga pervana (vaso-proliferative)
Bartonella henselae Cat-Scratch fever (inflammation & bacillary angiomatosis)
S. aureus (infections) Pneumonia w/ cavitations; impetigo, cellulitis, folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles; endocarditis (Tricuspid --> IV druggies); meningitis; osteomyelitis; septic arthritis
S. aureus (toxin) TSS (desquamation palms/soles, acute fever, hypotensive shock); Scalded skin syndrome (skin sloughs off --> hypovolemia); food poisoning (gastroenteritis 8-24hrs)
S. epidermidis Endocarditis (prosthetic valve); Osteomyelitis (prosthetic joint); UTI (Foley catheter); sepsis (IV line); can contaminte blood culture
S. saprophyticus UTI; cystitis (bladder infection)
S. pneumoniae Lobar pneumonia (rt middle & lt lower); otitis media & sinusitis; meningitis; sepsis
S. pyogenes (immune) Glomerulonephritis (hematuria, periorbital edema, HTN) & RF of MV (migratory polyarthritis, erythema marginatum, SQ nodules, sydenhams chorea, carditis) --> from pharyngitis UNTREATED
S. pyogenes (infections) Pharyngitis (--> glomerulonephritis, RF);skin infections (impetigo, erysipelas, cellulitis
S. pyogenes (toxin) Scarlet fever (strawberry tongue, sandpaper rash on trunk, desquamation palms/soles); TSS (fever); necrotizing fasciitis (necrosis along fascial planes)
S. agalactiae (GBS) neonatal meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis
E. faecalis Subacute endocarditis (previously damaged GAS valves); UTI; biliary tract infection
S. bovis Subacute endocarditis (aortic valve)
S. viridans Dental caries (s. mutans); brain/liver abscesses (s. intermedius); subacute endocarditis (via flossing)
Shigella dysenteriae dysentery; HUS
Salmonella typhi typhoid fever (rose spots on abd, fever, diarrhea); asymptomatic carriers (typhoid mary); osteomyelitis (sickle-cell pts)
Salmonella enteritidis gastroenteritis
ETEC traveler's diarrhea
EHEC/STEC hemorrhagic colitis; HUS
EPEC pediatric diarrhea
EIEC dysentery (w/ PMNs)
E. coli (others) UTI (pyelonephritis, cystitis); pneumonia; meningitis; sepsis
Y. enterocolitica Bloody diarrhea; mesenteric adenitis (mimics appendicitis); septicemia (RARELY)
Proteus mirabilis UTI; struvite stones; nosomial infections
H. pylori Acute gastritis: antral (duodenal ulcers --> decreased somatostatin) or pangastritis (gastric ulcers --> acid hyposecretion); ulcers appear "punched out"
V. cholera "rice water" diarrhea --> hypovolemia/shock
V. parahaemolytica acute watery diarrhea --> can turn bloody
C. jejuni watery, ill-smelling diarrhea --> bloody stools
C. botulinum Adult (diplopia, dysarthria, dysphagia, descending paralysis, ptosis); Infant (floppy baby, constipation
C. tetani Spastic paralysis; lockjaw --> risus sardonicus
C. difficile Pseudomembrane; watery diarrhea
C. perfringens Cellulitis; Gas gangrene (black exudate); food poisoning
B. fragilis Peritonitis; pelvic abscesses
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