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Common Words Part 6

Japanese (Romaji) - Commonly Used Words - Part 6

Japanese (Romaji)English
kaisha company; firm
oshie teaching; lesson
hana ga takai be proud
sake rice wine
shujin earthquake
sonna such; like that
ageru to give
tsuyosa strength
nanoka seven days
tooru to pass (an exam)
too ten (things)
natsu Summer
umareru to be born
shikashi but; however
ki o tsukeru to be careful; pay attention to
utau to sing
yoku often
chuugoku China
aisatsu suru to greet
soto outside; out
tatemono building
kariru to borrow
kanai my wife
takai expensive
shokudoosha dining car
hoo direction
nekutai necktie; tie
mokuyoobi Thursday
yude tamago boiled egg
tenki weather
biiru beer
ukeru to receive; to have
nagai aida a long time
zembu all; everything; the whole thing
uketoru to receive
tsutsumu to warp; to cover
keizai teki economical
nagabanashi a long talk
pen pen
kantan na easy
umi ocean; the sea
kyoo today
tsukue desk
kome uncooked rice
uwagi coat; jacket
byooin hospital
booshi hat; cap
uta song
hayai early
shokuji meal
wataru to be introduced
kuruma car; vehicle
meisha eye doctor
kyhoonen last year
yakiniku grilled meat
hi fire
motsu to have; to hold
hiru gohan lunch
kuruma isu wheelchair
yakusoku suru to promise
hantai gawa opposite side
yasai juusu vegetable juice
kawai(sa) cute; (loveliness)
ki tree; wood
o tearai bathroom
kurasu class; lesson
yooka eight days
jama suru hinder; disturb
zutto all the time
yameru to resign; to stop
yasai vegetable
kuchi mouth
kitte stamp
hahaoya mother
inemuri doze
nishi doitsu West Germany
hima free time; leisure time
amerika America
ha tooth; teeth
yowayowashii fragile; delicate
yomu to read
kakeru to hang (an iron); to cover
sensei teacher
kenkyuu teema research theme; research subject
Created by: superkanjiman