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Charpter 7

blended family a family formed when one or both of the partners bring children from a previous union to the new marriage
codependence an emotional and psychological behavioral pattern in which the spouses, partners, parents, children, and friends of individuals with addictive behaviors allow or enable their loved ones to continue their self-destructive habits
cohabitation two people living together as a couple, without official ties such as marriage
companion-oriented marriage a marital relationship in which the partners share interests, activities, and domestic responsibilities
dysfunctional characterized by negative and destructive patterns of behavior between partners or between parents and children
enabling to unwittingly contribute to a persons addictive or abusive behavior. components of enabling include shielding or covering up for an abuser/addict: controlling them: taking over responsibilities: rationalizing addictive behavior: or cooperating with them
family a group of people united by marriage, blood, or adoption, residing in the same household, maintaining a common culture, and interacting with one another on the basis of their roles wwithin the group
intimacy a state of closeness between two people, characterized by the desire and ability to share ones innermost thoughts and feelinggs with each other either verbally or nonverbally
neurotransmitters chemicals released by neurons that stimulate or inhibit the action of other neurons
oxytocin a hormone that has been linked to ones ability to bond with others also plays a key role in inducing labor during childbirth
rescue marriage a marital relationship in which one partner has had a traumatic childhood and views marriage as a way of healing the past
romantic marriage a marital relationship in which sexual passion never fades
traditional marriage a marital relationship in which the roles of the partners are distinct: defined by gender based cultural norms and expectations
Created by: TeenaPaps27