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Common Words Part 5

Japanese (Romaji) - Commonly Used Words - Part 5

Japanese (Romaji)English
kagaku chemistry
taitei usually; mostly
dare who?
sen thousand
daroo probably
naga ame a long rain
nomi mizu drinking water
shizen shokuji natural foods
shoosetsu a novel; a story
yasai sarada vegetable salad
tazuneru to ask
nihongo Japanese (language)
Getsuyoobi Monday
shookai (suru) introduction (to introduce)
hitori one person
ichi one
kochira this person
aozora blue sky
kyooiku education
sore that thing
tanjoobi birthday
maiasa every morning
ni yoru to according to
anshin suru to feel at ease
iya do not like
sorairo sky-blue
sukoshi a little; a few
sakana tsuri fishing
chikatetsu subway
tensen dotted line
suiyoobi Wednesday
tachiba standpoint
sukunai few; little
mittsu three
fukai deep
furansu France
rekishi teki historical
denki seihin electric products
tobu to fly
haha my mother
jitensha bicycle
shiokarai salty
yu hot water; bath
watasu to give; to hand over
sora sky
shi death
kurai dark; dim
taipu suru to type
tadashii right; correct; proper
hazukashigaru to feel shy (of)
doitsu Germany
suteru to throw away
koohii coffee
shite miru to try doing it
kinoo yesterday
taiikukan gym
atsumaru to collect; to gather
amai sweet
ashita tomorrow
are that; those
denwa bangoo telephone number
dekiru to be able to; to be made of
yoko side; next to
henji answer; reply
sotogawa outside
isogashii busy
tanoshimu enjoy
shidoi terrible; awful
tanoshimi fun; pleasure; hobby
tana shelf; rack
chairo brown
taipu typewriter
kasu to lend
kami no ke hair
juugatsu October
suzushii cool
en yen
shizen nature
takushii taxi
tenki yohoo weather forecast
nani what?
shite wa ikenai must not do it
haha no hi Mother's Day
nishibi afternoon sun
rekishi shoosetsu historical novel
hitotsu one (thing)
yobu call
matsu to wait
takubetsu seki special seat
ippai full; much
kanashii sad; sorrowful
kaze wind; breeze
kesu to put out; to turn off
rajio radio
itami pain; ache
shiroi white
tokei clock; watch
higashi nihon Eastern Japan
sekken ire soap case
fanabin sea mail
Created by: superkanjiman



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