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Common Words Part 2

Japanese (Romaji) - Commonly Used Words - Part 2

Japanese (Romaji)English
sabishii lonely; lonesome
sentakuki washing machine
daigaku university
otetsudaisan maid; helper
ku or Kyuu nine
gakkoo school
hajimemashite ho do you do?
chanoyu tea ceremony
ten'in shop clerk
kumori cloudy weather
kuraberu compare
haburashi toothbrush
dai title; theme
kutsu shoes
musume daughter
onaji same; similar
saikin recently; lately
roomaji Roman letters
ofuro bath
tenkizu weather map
tera Buddhist temple
Udedokei wristwatch
oozei many (people)
tatoeba for example
suru mae ni before doing it
otoosan father
toori coming and going
mon gate
kyuu na sudden; urgent
okashii funny; amusing
inori prayer
kodomo child
nihyaku two hundred
seetaa sweater
kau buy
daikazoku large family
tsutomenin salaried worker
toshokan library
hitsuyoo necessary
seoyogi back stroke
aruku to walk
ishiban best; most
teinei careful
dake only; just
testsudau to help; to assist
ka doo ka whether or not
teeburu table
tachiagaru to stand up
iro empitsu color pencil
mise store; shop
node because; as
isogu to hurry; to make haste
higashi doitsu East Germany
yasashii easy; simple
furansugo French (language)
fukasa depth
kutsushita socks; stockings
tabun probably; perhaps
ehon picture book
asa morning
kirai dislike
nyuugaku shiken entrance exam
o kane money
tateru to build; to construct
irassharu to be (formal)
amayakasu to indulge; to spoil
kasa umbrella
higashi East
komakai small; fine
koojoo factory; plant
nai doesn't exist; nothing
sekken soap
oniisan older brother
amerikajin an American
kangae idea; thought
monooto noise
musuko son
motto more
nyuusu news
nara if
kootsuu jiko traffic accident
chawan teaacup; rice bowl
tegami letter
yunomi chawan cup for green tea
oku hundred million
kekkonshiki wedding
hontoo ni really
tooi far; remote
nomi tomodachi drinking buddy
noboru go up; rise
juusu juice
hashiri takatobi running high jump
soodan consultation
hiku to catch (a cold)
oneesan older sister
haru Spring
kyuu ni suddenly
naku to cry; to weep
rusuban caretaker
nihon Japan
keisatsukan policeman
namae name
daisuki really like something
doitsujin German (person)
gaikoku foreign country
Created by: superkanjiman



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