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Essential Questions

Minerals Test Essential Questions

Many resources come from the components of Earth, including rocks and minerals. Thinking about Florida, what mineral resources do we have and use here? Limestone, coral, fish, sugar canes...
Why are these 4 items not considered minerals; water, oxygen, honey, and teeth? They are not all solids, formed by nature, have a crystalized inside, and are non-living
If you were given a sample of a mineral, how would you determine which mineral it is? Streak, Hardness, Cleavage, Luster ( color last! )
Surface and Sub-Surface mining have positive and negative aspects. Give possible advantages & dis-advantages of each type of mining. On surface mining, surrounding habitats get destroyed; it is easier than going down under Earth's surface. On sub-surface mining, you can find different types of minerals that are not found on Earth's surface: the mine could collapse.
Can mined land be returned to a condition that is better than the original one? No, because the land is too broken apart and damaged
During the 1849 gold rush, everyone "headed west" to clam search for gold. What do you think would have to be discovered today in order to have thousands of people move across the country or world? Diamonds, or anything that can help people gain wealth
Created by: GlassFamily10