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NJC EQuine 2

Equine njc SEPT 30-

After h2o what is the most important nutrient? Energy
What is BASAL MAINTENCE REQUIREMENT? min amount of feed to keep a horse alive
How much more energy does it take a horse to stand? 50% more
What are three things energy is needed for? 1) all work 2)all body functions 3)to heat the body
Energy is supplied by what? Carbs. and fats
What is the most abundent source of energy? Carbs
Fats supply how much more energy than Carbs? 2.25 times more
What are two common causes of low energy in horses? Heavy parasite load and Dental problems
What are three things that can make h20 toxic? 1)algae 2)Pesticides 3)Nittrates
What tempeture h20 do horses prefer? 40*-45*
A lactating mare will drink how much more water? 3 times more
What are four ways water consumption can be encouraged? 1)Carrying your own h20 2)Flavor h2o 3)Teach horse to drink from the hose 4)Wet down feed
When is over consumption of water more likely to happen? When there is an auto waterer.
When do horses sweat more? When they work or when their nervous.
How long does the horse's skin take if their not dehydated? 2-3 seconds
How long does the horse's skin take if they are mildly dehyrated? 3-6 Seconds
How long does the horse's skin take if they are severly dehydraed? 6-10 seconds
In 0* how much water do they drink per pound of feed? 1 quart
At 100* how much water does a horse drink per puond of feed? 1 gallon
How much water does a horse drink? 1 gallon per 100 pounds.
When do horses drink more? Summer
Grass hay is what percent h2o? 60-70%
Alfalfa hay is what % h2o? 10%
What tempeture do horses like the weather to be? 50- 60*
Activity may increase water requirements by what %? 20-300%
What % concentrate should be feed with 80% hay? 30%
What are four things that water helps with? 1) Solvent 2)Lubrication 3)Helps with Body temp. 4) Waste Removal
Describe the 1882 French Experiment. Horses could live 5-6 days w/o water, but could live 20-25 days w/o food if they had water.
What is the Ideal tempeture for a horse's water? 45-50*
The P.V.T. in P.V.T. T.I.M. H.A.L.L. stands for what? Phenyaline Valine Tryptophan
What does theT.I.M. stand for in P.V.T. T.I.M. H.A.L.L.? Theolaline Isoucine Methionine
What does the H.A.L.L. stand for in P.V.T. T.I.M. H.A.L.L.? Histodine Argonine Leucine Lysine
Horses have a simple stomic, but a complicated.... Large intestant
What % of the day is spent eating? 50-75%
What will cause a horse not to eat? Nose burnt or sharp teeth
What are the four salivay glands? 1)Parotid gland 2)Mandible 3)sublingual 4)Buccal
How long is the esophogus? 4-5 feet and prevents vomiting
What % of the digestive track is stomic? 9%
In the stomic what breaks down food? Latic acid
How much does the stomic hold? 15 quarts
How long is the small intestint? 70 feet
How much does the small intestant hold? 17 gallons
What is the small intestant a major site of? soluble carbs, fat and protien and minerals
How long is the large intestant? 30 feet
How many quarts does the large intestine hold? 32 gallons
How old is a horse when the cecum developes? 1 yr old
What % of the digestive track is cecum? 16%
What can the cecum do? Digest high amounts of roughages and water
The large colon is what % of the digestive track? 45%
What happens in the small colon? Water is removed from feces
What are 4 reasons that water is important? 1 solvent 2 Lubrication 3 Helps body temp 4 waste removel
After water what is the most important nutrient? Energy
What is Basal Maintence Requirement? Min. amount of feed to keep a horse alive
Energy is needed for what? 1) All work 2)all body functions 3)To heat the body
What is energy supplied by? CARBS AND FATS
What is the most abundent source of energy? CARBS
fats supply how much more energy than carbs? 2.25 times
What are two common causes of inadequate energy in the horse? 1)parisite load 2)Dental Problems
What is monday morning sickness? Condition in which the horse experiences prolonged muscle contractions during exercise.
what are the symptoms of monday morning sickness? colic, muscel tremmors, hesitation to move
What do you do to treat monday morning sickness? Feed the right amount for the work load, vitamin e and bute
describe a horse that should be fed maintence? Less than one hour
Describe a horse that should be fed light work? 1-3 hours
describe the work load of a medium working horse. 3-5 hours driving, showing, ranch
Describe the work load for a very hard working horse. 5-8 hours, pen riders, polo, racing
how much greater is the energy need for racing verses the energy need for walking. 70 time more
Conditioning horses can utilize fat more efficently than... an uncondioned one
Increase in dietary fat may increase need for what? vitamines
Diet is not a subtatute for what? Good training
Repalxing oats with corn resulted in better what? racing time
What is a good way to see mold on corn? Black light
what are five things excess energy can cause? 1
Catalyist A substance ussaly used in small amounts relitave to the reactions that modifies and increasesthe rate of reaction w/o beinign consumed in the process
Anabolism is what? The metabolisum in wich simple are sinthisized n2 the complex materials of living tissue
What are the 4 Fat soluble vitamines? 1. vit. a 2.vit .k 3.vit e 4. vitamine d
What are the water soluble vitamines? B complexes and biotine and vit c
Where are the fat soluble vitamines absorbd? In the small intestine
How long can fat soluble vitamines be stored in the liver? 3 months
What may be to toxic in large quanityies? Fat soluble vitamins
What can cause the loss of fat soluble vitamines? mineral oil
Where are the water soluble vitamines absorbed? small and larg intestine
Are water soluble vitamines stored or depleted quickly? Depleted quickly
Can water soluble vitamines be toxic? Rarely
Multiple vitamine defienties are more common than what? Single vitamine defintecies
How can you identify vitamin a? by a green color
What does nitrogen help plants do? Grow
What are diffenrt factors effecting the amount of carotene in hay. plant maturity, species, sunlight, rain, and harvest conditions
What percent of carotene can be lost in storeage? 80%
What % loss is there often lost in hay stored for 6 months? 50%
What is colotrum? Immunity and vitamine a produced in the first 24 hours
How long should a mare produce milk for a foal? 3 months
What does a deficiency in vit. a cause 1)night blindness 2)Respiratory problems 3)Abnormal hoof growth 4)bad foals
What vitamine are feeds generally low in? Vitamin d
How can horse get all the vitamin d they need? Beining outside for aa day
what can a vitamin d deficiency cause? unsoundness problems
What are two reasons for vitamin E supplementation today? Unsufficient in feed and hay, due to drying and winter
High levels of vitamin help help what during high levels of stress? Immune levels
Vitamin k deffeciiency may be caused by what two factors? a)Dicoumerol b)lack of green food
Where do they get dicoumerol? Sweet moldy clover
What is vitamin k important for? blood clotting
Where is thiamin synthesized in? the cecum
What % of thiamin is absorbed in the cecum 25%
Created by: A-my