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WGU - Maps and Envir

WGU - Maps and Environment

What are Nonrenewable Resources? Resources that cannot be recycled without degradation of material: Many metallic minerals - copper, iron, uranium, raw petrolium
What are Renewable Resources? Resources that can be successfully recycled: glass, plastic, water, paper, aluminum
What is a Relief Map? 3-D shading to show changes of altitude, depicts: plains, mountains, rivers, deserts, plateaus
What is a Climate Map? Shows climate of a region using color or patterns
What is a Topographical Map? detailed and accurate graphic representation of cultural and natural features on the ground. 3-D Includes: Manmade features (roads, bridges, mines), shows relative position (proximity of nuclear plant to a school) includes elevation
What is a Political Map? Includes Country names, borders, physical ocean features and Island names, boundaries, divisions and capitals
What is a Mercado Globe? Specializes in maintaining shape of objects, lines of longitude are parallel to one another, equatori si tangent to globe, parallels of latitude grow further apart as they leave the equator
What is the Robinson Globe? Used by US geographic service, National Geography society, and most educational institutions. Shows feathers without interruption and with little distorition
What is a Climate? long-term weather (at least 30 years). Includes weather conditions, seasons, and extremes
What are two factors for determining a Climate? Air Temperature and Precipitation
What is a Biome? The complex of plants and animals common to a designated large physical region.
What are Biome's controled by? Climate
What are three components of a biome? Climate, Plants and Animals
How can climate changes lead to changes in culture or subculture? influences population distribution, avoid cold, learn to make warm clothing, advance hunting skills, types of houses made, high temp better with water available, population dense in Eqypt, mid East, River Valleys in India, cold limiting factor in pop dens
How does Elevation impact Climate? Higher=colder; Higher=less human settlement; harsher circumstances, thinner soil, extreme temperatures, sparse vegetation
What is Deforestation? Increase soil erosion, leads to impaired water cycle in specific ecosystems and ultimately the Earth
What is Global Warming? Increased amount of carbon Dioxide in atmosphere = Greenhouse Effect
What is Energy Development? Increased competition for scarce resources (coal) and increased local pollution levels like acidic rain
What is Population Growth? Increased demand for food
How does regional natural resources impact economic and political decision making? Competing transportation costs for resources will determine locations of mills
How does regional natural resources impact international relations? Possessions of rare minerals (S. Africa) and large deposits of energy resources (Saudi) strengthens the states position in global affairs. Fewer resources (Japan) can be overcome.
How does consumption of resources impact world economy? creates shortages, and causes economic decline in areas, inturn causes areas to have to import.
How are political lines determined? By natural boundaries (rivers, mountain ranges, deserts, ect)
What are two key factors for population growth rate? Birth and Death rates
What are limiting factors for population growth rate? Oxygen and water
Created by: jennfripp