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What is the relationship between stimulus/response? A stimulus is a thing that causes me to respond in some way. It could be like a reflexif it happens enough. When someone throws something at you, you catch it or duck.
6 Characteristics of a living thing composed of cells, sense and respond to change, reproduce, have DNA, use energy, grow and develop
Organism means- anything that can carry out the life process
Main source of energy on Earth is- the sun
What would happen to life on Earth if all the plants died? Humans wouldnt have enough oxygen to breathe and the food chain would be off track. All animals would die.
Sexual Repro- 2 parents, share of genes, sperm+egg
Asexual Repro- 1 parent, identical to the parent
Homeostasis- maintaining a stable internal environment
Heredity- the passing of traits from parent to offspring
Heredity is related to DNA because... DNA contains hereditary material that passes on to offspring
3 activities that use energy are... sleeping, eating, running
My mass would be affected if I lost all the water in my body because... I would be a lot lighter because water makes up 70% of my mass and I would be dehaydrated.
The items necessary for life are... food, water, shelter, air
What would happen if a squirrel's territory was invaded? The squirell could fight the competition off, or move their home.
6 elements that compose the molecules of living things= Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phospherus, Sulfur
What is the relationship between atoms, molecules, and elements? Atoms are the smallest particle that can exist, molecules are when atims combine and an element is one kind of atom.
Plants produce a complex carbohydrate called... starch
My body store complex carbohydrates in... the liver
Most carbohydtrates are this type of sugar... simple
Amino acids are subunits that make up large molecules of proteins
Our cells use both simple and complex carbohydrates for energy
The sugar in fruit is a ____________________ carbohydrate. simple
_________________ are compounds that cannot mix with water. Lipids
Fats and oils are lipids that... cannot mix with water or store energy
When the energy from the carbohydrates in your body is used up, your cells will start to get the energy from________________. Lipids
_________________________ are lipids that are found in the____________. Phospholipids, Cell Membrane
When a cell needs to make a certain protein, it will get the info from the _________. DNA
Another important molecule in a cell is called _______________, which is the major fuel for the cells activities. ATP
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