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Cycles Vocabulary

SOL 6.8, seasons, lunar terms

atmosphere the layer of air that surrounds the Earth like a blanket, is made up of a mixture of gases plus small amounts of tiny solids and liquids, and keeps temperatures on Earth just right to support life.
axis the imaginary line that Earth spins around and whose tilt is responsible for Earth's seasons
eclipse an event that happens when the moon passes between the sun and Earth(solar eclipse) or Earth passes between the sun and the moon (a lunar eclipse), producing a shadow
magnetic field the area around a magnet in which magnetic forces act
phase the change in appearnace of the moon when seen from Earth, depending on the position of the moon, the sun, and Earth in space.
revolution the movement of Earth in a regular, curved path around the sun, which takes one year to complete.
rotation the spinning of Earth on its imaginary axis, which occurs once every 24 hours and causes day and night as Earth rotates toward or away from the sun.
tides the changes in the level of ocean water during the course of a day-most places have tow hight tides and tow low tides daily; one cuase of tides is the pull of gravity between Earth, the moon, and the sun
waning the change in the moon's appearance when its seems to be getting smaller from night to night
waxing the change in appearance of the moon when it appears to be getting larger from night to night.
Created by: bhausler