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Arthur Legend Vocab

King Arthur Vocab

destiny noun something predetermined that will happen to someone else, Fate
Marauding adj. ravage , invade or attack to ruin
turbulent adj. the state of being agitated or disturbed, out of control, bumpy
tournament noun A series of contests or test of skills for a prize
integrity noun noun Honest or virtue to one's ability to stat true to principles of honor, honesty
congregation noun an assembly of people
ominously adv foreboding evil, menacing, threatening harm or evil
accolades noun honor or praise, knighted
melee noun a confused hand to hand fight, a brawl
composure noun self-control, state of mind, calmness, in control of ones self
solemnly adv. seriousness or earnest
bid/bade verb command, order, or say
wane(d) verb fade or decrease in strength or power
clamor noun a loud, unhappy uproar
malcontents noun a dissatisfied person, a complainer
solidarity noun fellowship or unity of purpose or belief
dumbstruck adj. speechless due to surprise or confusion,awe, flabbergasted
indignation noun a strong displeasure at something
Created by: jackson25