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Minimus Secundus

Lesson 3

fossam f ditch
marītus m husband
plaustrum n wagon
mihi for me
tibi for you (s)
nōbūs for us
vōbīs for you (pl)
iterum again
lentē slowly
tandem at last
accipiunt they welcom
adiuvāte help!
adveniunt they arrive
advesperāscit it is becoming dark
cavēte be careful
dēcidit it falls down
difficile est it is difficult
intrāte come in!
necesse est it is necessary
pluit it is raining
sedet it sits
tonat it thunders
cantāre to sing
dēscendere to climb down
prōpellere to push
exspectātissimus/a/um very welcome
līmōsus/a/um muddy
perterritus/a/um frightened
tacitus/a/um silent
ē from
avia f grandmother
avus m grandfather
cibus m food
deae mātrēs f pl mother goddess
obstetrīx f midwife
pāvō m peacock
triclīnium n dining room
plūs vīnī more wine
quid agis what's the matter?
vir optime Sir!
adest it is here
cōnsūmunt they eat
erō I will be
īnspicit s/he inspects
revenit he returns
sedē sit down!
propīnāre to propose a toast
quiēscere to rest
grātulātiōnēs f pl congratulations!
gravidus/a/um pregnant, heavy
modicus/a/um ordinary
celeriter quickly
cotīdiē every day
minimē no!
Created by: littleskier4ever