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55 - Wenham 29

Exercise A

mercy [But] I wish and not sacrifice. Ελεος δε θελω και ου θυσιαν.
And the enemies of Judah killed part.... και οί εχθροι Ιουδα απεκτειναν μερος...
...of the nation with fire. ..του εθνους πυρι.
Shall we then {lighter} have a baptism of repentance? έξομεν αρα βαπτισμα μετανοιας;
through his blood δια του αίματος αυτου
he will do [And] signs and wonders... ποιησει δε σημεια και τερατα...
...for our race. ...τώ γενει ήμων.
the [But] children took the vessels... οί δε παιδες ελαβον τα σκευη...
...out of water. ...εκ του ύδατος
strong [But] words of judgement came (out)... ισχυρα δε 'ρηματα κριματος εξηλθεν...
out of your (s) mouth εκ του στοματος σου
I {emphasized} [For] did not come to do my will... εγω γαρ ουκ ηλθον ποιησαι το θελημα μου...
...but the will of the Lord who sent me ...αλλα το θελημα του Κυριου ός απεστειλεν με.
Therefore {"because of which"} he comes in mercy... διο ερχεται εν ελεει...
...(in)to the members of his body ...εις τα μελη του σωματος αυτου.
And the Gentiles will know his name. Και τα εθνη γνωσεται το ονομα αυτου.
After these things he touched the ear with his hand. μετα ταυτα ήψατο του ωτος τή χειρι αυτου.
The water abounds in the vessels. το ύδωρ περισσευει εν τοις σκευεσιν.
The words of his mouth were... τα ΄ρηματα του στοματος αυτου ην...
...they were for the ears of the Gentiles (nations). ...ην τοις ωσιν των εθνων.
According to HIS mercy he saved us. Κατα το αυτου ελεος εσωσεν ήμας.
Created by: Koine Greek
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