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W Step 2.5 words

Forget your lines? Need a tip? Take a look back at your script
Broke my leg during a sprint now it's in this, a splint
Need your meds, you'll need this too, or sick you'll be and feeling blue scrip
Lift those weights and before long your body will be nice and strong
Cleaning floors takes more than a rub, get your brush and give it a good scrub
It happened fast, you're out of luck, 1,2,3 out you just struck
On my plate, is that a twig? No it's parsley just a sprig
I failed my test, my room's a mess, man I'm under a lot of stress
A 3 letter blend a welded sound make this word sprang
An icecream sundae no that's not it, what I want is a banana split
In the summer at a bash, in the pool it's fun to splash
I like most fish, but I don't really enjoy this scrod
Extra paper it is this that get thrown in the bin like this scrap
Not a distance run but a sprint
Flowers bloom, sun shines, P/T Conference#2 spring
A confident stroll, the mechanic knows well strut
Hey, come on, Let’s cut her class… tempt
You must have a fever, and look at that throat!! strep
Let’s bounce,bolt, leave real quick!! scram
Pick up your guitar and make a little music. strum
the past tense of string strung
Created by: Mrs W FES
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