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Set 4

Unit 1

will you _______ me a piece of gum? - oddball give
you do this to your card when you are ready to check your answer - short i flip
we eat our food out of this - short i dish
when you have a lot of money you are _____ - short i rich
you do this to a soccer ball - short i kick
the opposite of fat is..... - short i thin
when a branch fall from a tree it becomes a _________ - short i stick
Mommy uses these in her hair to keep it up - short i clip
Ethan and Prince do this a lot to our drinks in the living room - short i spill
we all like to get these for our birthday - same as present - short i gift
we do this when we go to the pool - short i swim
when we walk up a mountain, we call it a _____ - long i hike
in two years you will be this many years old - long i nine
we roll these when we play certain games - long i dice
when you went fishing at the harvest festival you got a _______ long i prize
we use this to cut our steak - long i knife
opposite of mean - long i nice
Ethan is this many years old - long i five
when we get into the truck Mommy has to do this to get us somewhere - long i drive
you play we ___________ Mommy makes dinner - long i while
more than one mouse - long i mice
Created by: pipbrown