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European Facts

interesting facts

Where is it illegal to kill bulls in bullfighting? Portugal
What country produces 44% of the world olive oil? Spain
What is the festival in Spain that began in 1944? La Tomatina
What country is larger than Arizona? Italy
Italians eat 66 pounds a year of what? pasta
Which counry has the most types bread? Germany
Why can't you tip for service in Germany? It is considered an insult
What country has 3000 miles of shoreline? France
What was the sight of the D-day invasion in 1944? Normandy,France
Where were french fries created? Belgium
Belgium has the highest income in Europe for what? taxes
KLM is the longest running national airplane where in the world? Netherlands
What country drinks more tea than anyother country? England
Which counrty speaks English, Scots, and Scottish Gaelic? Scotland
Where is the land of King Arthur? Wales
Where was the Titanic built? Northern Ireland
What are the three most famous symbols of Ireland? Harp, Shamrock, and Celtic Cross
Which country won their independence in 1499. Switzerland
Where was the sewing machine made invented? Austria
Where do men and women have the highest obesity rate in Europe? Greece
Created by: Period 2