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Daimon Vocabulary2

Daimon Vocabulary (pp 10-14)

valeo, valere, valui, --- to say farewell; to be strong, well
video, videre, vidi, visus to see
salio, salire, salui, saltus to jump
alter, altra, altrum a second
capio, capere, cepi, captus to capture, seize
rideo, ridere, risi, risus to laugh; to laugh at, ridicule
pecunia, -ae, f. money
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus to find
vendo, vendere, vendidi,venditus to sell
pretium, -i, n. price
nemo, neminis, m./f. no one
domus, -us, f. home
omnis, -e every, all
dux, ducis, m. leader
fortasse (adv.) perhaps, maybe
do, dare, dedi, datus to give
rogo (1) to ask
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus to respond, answer
clamo (1) to shout, yell
tamen (adv.) nevertheless
magnopere (adv.) greatly
caput, capitis, n. head
cado, cadere, cecidi, casus to fall
somnus, -i, m. sleep
excito (1) to wake up; rouse, excite
nox, noctis, f. night
ignis, ignis, m. fire
audio, audire, audivi, auditus to hear
custos, custodis, m. guard
aurum, -i, n. gold
altus, -a, -um high
mare, maris, n. sea, ocean
ascendo, ascendere, ascendi, ascensus to climb up, ascend
appropinquo (1) to approach
deinde (adv.) then, next
no, nare, navi to swim
postquam (adv.) after
suus, sua, suum his own, her own, its own; their own (pl.)
scindo, scindere, scidi, scissus to tear
celo (1) to hide, conceal
gratias ago, agere, egi, actus to give thanks
ventus, -i, m. wind
locus, -i, m. place
postridie (adv.) the next day
prope (+ acc.) near
tempestas, tempestatis, f. storm
mitto, mittere, misi, missus to send
ago, agere, egi, actus to drive, lead; to do, make
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus to lose; to send away
caelum, -i, n. sky, heaven
circum (+ acc.) around
nato (1) to swim
albus, -a, -um white
tergum, -i, n. back
auxilium, -i, n. help, aid
antea (adv.) before
post (+ acc.) behind
diu (adv.) for a long time
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus to play
litus, litoris, n. beach, shore
ibi (adv.) there
senex, senis, m. old man
sacer, sacra, sacrum sacred, holy
iuxta (+ acc.) next to
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus to remain, stay
dum (adv.) while
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus to arrive at
sacerdos, sacerdotis, m./f. priest(ess)
templum, -i, n. temple, shrine, sanctuary
scio, scire, scivi, scitus to know
tempus, temporis, n. time
antequam (adv.) before (in time)
necesse est it is necessary
volucer, volucris, f. bird
rostrum, -i, n. beak
vultur, vulturis, m. vulture
non iam no longer
animus, -i, m. spirit
studium, -i, n. eagerness, zeal (to do things)
habeo, habere, habui, habitus to have
cupio, cupire, cupivi, cupitus to desire
autem (adv.) however
contra (+ acc.) against
traho, trahere, traxi, tractus to drag, draw, pull
subito (adv.) suddenly
lux, lucis, f. light
luna, -ae, f. moon
sol, solis, m. sun
specto (1) to look at, watch
obscuro (1) to make dark
alia, -ae, f. wing
vultus, -us, m. face
volo (1) to fly
ita (adv.) and so
statim (adv.) immediately
arbor, arboris, f. tree
curro, currere, cucurri, cursus to run
salvus, -a, -um safe
terreo, terrere, terrui, territus to frighten, scare, terrify
monstrum, -i, n. monster
defessus, -a, -um tired
quomodo how?
sagitta, -ae, f. arrow
noceo, nocere, nocui (+ dat.) to harm
tantus, -a, -um so big, so great
volo, velle, volui, --- to want/wish to _____
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