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Quiz Chapter 6

Zoology Quiz 6

How are primates DIFFERENT from humans? Their teeth are different, their facial expressions are different, their sense of smell better than their sense of sight, their brains are small compared to humans, ,they are not designed to walk to two legs, they are not created in the image of God.
How are primates SIMILAR to other PRIMATES? They have teeth like a lion's, they can sit and stand like bears, their hands are like raccoons, they use tools like many other animals, they commit infanticide.
Are primates social or solitary? Social
What singe FEATURE is used to classify the major groups of primates? Their NOSE
Name a N.W. Monkey Marmoset or Tamarin
Name an O.W. Monkey Proboscis monkeys, colobus monkeys, langurs, leaf monkeys, baboons, mangabeys, mandrills, guenons, patas monkeys, and macaques. (orangutans are APES)
What are some differences between monkeys and apes? Monkeys have tails, apes do not. Ape arms are designed for swinging, monkey arms are not. Apes have larger brains than monkeys. Apes are more diverse than monkeys.
Which animal is considered a lesser ape? gibbon
Primates eyes are ________________ forward-facing
What is binocular vision? It means the animal is able to judge depth, or figure out how far away something is.
Primates have partially or fully opposable thumbs and most have opposable toes. T or F True
Primate social groups are called: Troops
Old World primates are found on what continents? Asia, Africa and Europe
New World primates are found on what continents? The Americas and Australia
What is the most frightening member of the Strepsirrhini group? The Aye-Aye
What is unusual about the Aye-Aye's incisor teeth? Their teeth continue to grow throughout their life, so it has to constantly chew on wood to keep them from getting too long.
Tarsiers get their name from their extremely long __________ bone. Tarsus or ankle
What is arboreal? It means the primate spends most of its time in trees.
What is a prehensile tail? It is a tail that can pick up objects AND do things with them using only the tail.
What is a partially prehensile tail? They can ONLY hold onto things with their tail.
What group of primates use brachiation? Describe how it works. The gibbons have fingers that are like hooks, helping them to latch on to branches and swing from limb to limb.
The lead male of the troop is called? Silverback gorilla
What is the only real predator for gorilla? The Leopard
What adult male can be recognized by its cheek flaps? The organgutan
Created by: elizabethzoology