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Hercules Vocabulary

Hercules Episodes 15-17

etiam indeed
alius -a, -ud = other
nuntius -i, m. = messenger
dies -ei, m. = day (5th decl. noun!)
ferreus -a, -um = of iron
impono imponere/imposui/impositus = to put, place upon
tamen nevertheless
perrumpo perrumpere/perrupi/perruptus = to smash, e.g. "Hulk smash!"
ictus -us, m. = blow, strike (4th decl. noun!)
sacerdos sacerdotis, m./f. = priest(ess)
alter altera, alterum = another
occido occidere/occidi/occisus = to kill
adulescens adulescentis, m./f. young man/woman
ignavus -a, -um = lazy, cowardly
appello (1) = to name
gens gentis, f. = race (of people), clan
bellicosus -a, -um = warlike, bellicose
legatus -i, m. = envoy, legate
quotannis yearly, annually
mitto mittere/misi/missus = to send
amitto amittere/amisi/amissus = to lose; to send away
centum 100; Roman numeral C
bos bovis, f. = cow; (if masc. = bull, ox)
postulo (1) = to demand
supero (1) = to beat, overcome, conquer
at but
civis civis, m./f. = citizen
suus -a, -um = his own, her own, its own; their own
stipendium -i, n. = payment
libero (1) = to free, liberate
constituo constituere/constitui/constitutus = to decide
comprehendo comprehendere/comprehendi/comprehensus = to grab all together
atque and
auris auris, f. = ear
abscindo abscindere/abscidi/abscissus = to tear off
sanctus -a, -um = hallowed, sacred
habeo habere/habui/habitus = to have
vehementer violently
statim immediately
copiae -arum, f. pl. = troops
contendo contendere/contendi/contentus = to strive, struggle
adventus -us, m. = arrival, approach (4th decl. noun!)
explorator -oris, m. = spy
cognosco cognoscere/cognovi/cognitus = to learn of, become acquainted with
pugno (1) = to fight
nolo nolle/nolui/--- = to not want (+ infin.)
timor -oris, m. = fear, dread
adficio adficere/adfeci/adfectus = to affect
imperator -oris, m. = leader, commander; emperor
creo (1) = to create
pars partis, f. = part, area
coago coagere/coegi/coactus = to bring together
proximus -a, -um = next, nearest
exercitus -us, m. = army (4th decl. noun!)
proficiscor proficisci/profectus sum deponent verb) to set out, march
locus -us, m. = place (4th decl. noun!)
idoneus -a, -um = suitable, fitting
deligo deligere/delegi/delectus = to select
acies -ei, f. = line of battle (5th decl. noun!)
superior -ius = upper
impetus -us, m. = attack (4th decl. noun!)
hostis hostis, m. = enemy
sustineo sustinere/sustinui/sustentus = to withstand
possum posse/potui/--- = to be able (+ infin.)
itaque and so
pello pellere/pepuli/pulsus = to strike, push
fuga -ae, f. = flight, route (as in total defeat)
converto convertere/converti/conversus = to turn around
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