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T, I vocab week 1

buccaneer a seaman; a pirate
bearings location
sabre saber, sword
livid angry
capstan a piece of equipment on a ship used to weigh anchor or to raise heavy sails
ruffian a cruel, tough person; a bully
scroundrel someone who does evil deliberately; a villain
assizes court proceedings
magistrate a public official for justice; a judge
hulking of great size and bulk
oilcloth waterproof fabric, treated on one side with a drying oil or resin
glim light; a candle or a lamp
skulking avoiding work by pretending to be sick or incapacitated
squalling making a high pitched, whiny noise
miscreant a person with no morals
spurned rejected
lugger a small boat
clambered climbed awkwardly; scrambled
apoplexy a stroke
condescending to treat another as if he/she/it were beneath one's dignity; to patronize or disrespect
a trump in a card game, the suit that ranks above all the others; also, a brass instrument with a brilliant tone
prodigiously in a manner far beyond what is usual; exceptionally
ambiguity confusion; lack of clarity
trifle a tiny detail
calumnies lies; slandering
odious detestable
abominable awful
indomitable impossible to stop
forelock a lock of hair that has one end that turns on a headed pin
bustle a flurry of activity
grog rum diluted with water
pannikin a small tin cup
mizzen-top the topsail on the mizzenmast, th one behind the main mast
duplicity being two faced; deceptive
pretence the act of pretending to
broadside in a battle, tha simultaneous firing of all tha cannons on one side of the warship
Created by: Daniel McArthur



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